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Cloud Storage Advice is set to provide everyone entering this site with an objective view of the ever-changing reality that is cloud storage. This increasingly competitive and exciting market of cloud solutions needs dedicated people like us to monitor it closely, get the gist of what’s happening, and offer it to users in bite-sized content so that everyone can understand it. Our main goal is to provide this info at a down to earth level of English so that everyone, no matter where they come from, can understand what we’re about and what cloud storage is about. We welcome all comments on our posts.

Here’s What You Will Find on

  • Reviews of most of the popular cloud storage services: what they offer, what their prices are, and how you can get to them.
  • News from the world of cloud storage – one of the most dynamics fields of IT nowadays.
  • Lists and tops of cloud storage services ranked on for a specific niche: business, consumer, start-ups, or anywhere in between.
  • Tips, tricks, bits of advice, and mandatory how-tos about how to use cloud storage efficiently, how to secure your clouds, and how to work with multiple cloud solutions at once.
  • Our opinions on this extremely diverse subject: we’ll talk about everything that may be of use.

The people behind Cloud Storage Advice have all had experience working in cloud storage environments. They know the inner workings of these companies and they know how decisions in the field are usually made. They are set to provide answers to the most inquisitive of users and to the most complex questions they can come up with. Ever wondered about the difference between Google Drive and Google Cloud? Or between Microsoft Azure and Microsoft OneDrive? Step onto our guides and you’ll find out!

Everyone uses cloud storage today – it’s almost unavoidable. Do you have an email? You’re using cloud storage. Listen to Spotify? You’re using cloud storage. Then there are all those dedicated services that are made specifically so that everybody can benefit from storing their data securely in the online. You can even use multiple free cloud storage services in order to get the best out of your personal cloud space.

Everything points to one thing: cloud solutions are everywhere and they are here to stay!

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