Acronis Backup Cloud Storage Service Review

Acronis Backup is a dependable and comprehensive product, which innovated the cloud tech market with its ability to backup partitions and operating systems. Being involved in the on-premises cloud storage solutions business for more than 15 years, Acronis developed a product that is user-friendly and competitive. Acronis is a critically-acclaimed cloud-based service with many unique features. In this Acronis Backup review, we will present the features of this cloud storage client from multiple standpoints, including price, backup, restoration, mobile applications, security, and speed.

Acronis Backup Review

Acronis Backup General Info

To begin our Acronis Backup review, we’ll offer a brief overview of what this cloud storage and backup solution has to offer. With Acronis Backup you can perform the following actions:

  • Backup your files and folders to the Acronis Cloud. You can also backup your documents and multimedia on your local drive and NAS devices.
  • Restore previous versions of a file. By default, Acronis will keep track of all the changes committed to a file.
  • Schedule your backups. This feature is very useful especially when you don’t want to backup your whole computer each time you’ve added new documents.
  • Create mirror images of either your partitions or OS using Acronis True Image. In case something happens to your system, this feature will allow you to restore the contents of your partitions and your OS’s settings.
  • Archive files prior to All files retrieved from the cloud will be added to a zip or rar archive. This is extremely useful, especially when you have to restore a high number of files.
  • One-touch solutions for backup and restoration. At the touch of a single button, the manager will start backing up your critical files like documents and multimedia files.

Acronis Backup Plans & Pricing

During this Acronis Backup review, we’ve observed that the company offers two major types of plans: for home users and for businesses. Depending on your cloud backup needs (i.e. number of computers, mobile devices, monthly storage allotment, customer support), you will have the possibility to choose between various price tiers.

All the plans offered by the company also include a 30-days no obligations trial program, which will help you accommodate with Acronis’s features.

Below, you will find a table containing the home plan, as well as their features:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Between one and five computers One Time Purchase $49.99 (for one computer), $79.99 (three computers), $99.99 (five computers)

Acronis True Image 2017;

Local Image Backup;

File and folder backup;

Online file storage and sharing features;

One to Five Computers One-year subscription $39.99/year (one computer), $69.99/year (three computers), $79.99/year (for five computers)

Dual protection system (keeps second copies of all your backups);

Backup unlimited iOS and Android devices;

Backup Facebook profile;

Archive old and large files to the cloud.

From one to five computers Two-year subscription $59.99/2 years (one computer), $69.99/2 years (three computers), $79.99/2 years (five years)

50 GB of cloud storage space;

Phone, e-mail, and chat support.

All the features included in the one-year subscription version.

(*) You can further customize your business plan by adding more workstations, servers, virtual hosts or Windows Server Essentials. Note that the price will vary depending on how many features you add to your plan.

Acronis Backup In-Depth Review

In the following sections of our Acronis Backup review, we will start looking at each feature of this cloud backup service, one by one.

File Backup

Acronis Backup will not do anything without asking the user first. So, to start uploading your first files and folders to the Acronis cloud, you will need to select your items and to press the “backup” button. You can also filter the items you are about to upload according to your needs.

For example, you can instruct the manager to upload files with specific extensions (pdf, docx, xlsx), and skip other types of files which are not essential. You can further customize the file backup process, with different backup schedules:

  • Continuous backups: this feature will regularly scan your computer for any folder changes and will automatically upload them to the cloud.
  • Backup scheduling: pre-program your backups. For example, you can use the feature to tell the manager when to start the process (i.e. every day, after a certain hour, once a week, twice a week,).

File Restoration

Overall, the restoration process can only be described as being straightforward, meaning that all you need to do is to select your folders/mirror images, and to hit the “Restore” button.

To help you deal with the data, Acronis also included an archiving function. So, instead of downloading a great number of files to a pre-defined or user-defined download folder, the application will conveniently add these documents or multimedia files to a .zip or .rar archive.

During this Acronis Backup review, we’ve observed that it’s easier to juggle around with archives in order to restore files, than by downloading information in bulk.

Acronis Backup Review

Acronis Backup desktop manager


As far as security is concerned, you can be sure that all your data is well-protected against many types of online malware attacks. To enhance its encryption features, the Acronis sought the help of ID Quantique, a company specialized in online security, and which also was among the first on the market to employ quantum-based security solutions. All your files and folders are encrypted prior to transfer with a 256-bit security key, which ensures that no one but yourself will be able to view the content of that transmission.

Advanced Features

One feature we should definitely mention in our Acronis review is Acronis Snap Deploy. Acronis Snap Deploy will allow the user to backup partitions or to create a mirror image of your entire operating system. It will then deploy this image to all affiliated devices. Naturally, a cloud solution as advanced as Acronis support file versioning as well.

Acronis also has a mobile version. The Acronis mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Overall, Acronis’s mobile services are impeccable, simple in design, yet highly functional. To download Acronis for your mobile device, either go to Google Play, if you have Android, or to Apple’s store if you have an iOS ready device.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited storage.
  • Using the Acronis True Image feature, you can backup your entire OS.
  • Highly functional and intuitive mobiles applications.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Ironclad security.
  • Excellent Web-based and desktop-based applications.


  • No remote wipe features.
  • No online video streaming options.
  • Overall pricing scheme can become confusing.

Acronis Backup Alternative Options

Acronis may seem slightly daunting at first. However, it’s very easy to learn how to navigate through the cloud manager and benefit from the diverse range of features and services it offers. However, many of Acronis’ more advanced features might be a bit unnecessary, if you’re interested in a cloud backup service for home use.

From this perspective, we would recommend Syncplicity, as cloud storage alternative to Acronis. Syncplicity lacks many of the features Acronis has, but this also makes it easier to use.

On that same note, we would also consider Dropbox or OneDrive as two equally solid options. Both are easy to use and understand. And most users are familiar with the interface. This makes them ideal storage and sharing services for small teams working on short-term projects, since you don’t have to spend time teaching your team members how to use them.


To conclude our Acronis Backup review, we must say that we were thoroughly impressed by this cloud storage service. Combining a user-friendly interface, with impeccable cloud services, Acronis Backup is a great choice for small and large businesses, as well as home offices.

Although Acronis lacks more advanced cloud features such as remote wipe or media streaming,  it makes up for it through its large pallet of services, unlimited storage offer, and its cross-platform compatibility.

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