ADrive Cloud Storage Service Review

ADrive is an excellent cloud storage solution for those who are on tight budgets. Their plans are among the lowest priced in the industry, offering a lot of storage per dollar. However, while they may be a great low-tier option, those looking for full system backups for their home computers may find ADrive is lacking. ADrive does, however, offer enterprise plans with the types of features one would expect. But these plans might be too expensive to justify for personal use. This ADrive review will give you an objective assessment of their plans and features. Read on to decide if ADrive is the right cloud storage service for you.

ADrive – General Info

ADrive is another cloud service that offers a wealth of features, and could serve as a Dropbox alternative. Their features and pricing plans are great for those who cannot afford to invest much in a cloud solution. And indeed, ADrive has a really awesome 1000 GB free plan. Starting at $2.5/month, and with a 60-day free trial, this may be the most most affordable cloud storage service in the industry. Some of their best features include password sharing, 24/7 support, mobile apps, collaboration, online document viewer, and file history.

Their tiered pricing is super convenient, and you can purchase the amount of storage you need and nothing more. What’s better is you can upgrade at any time or lock it in, and purchase a one, two, or three-year plan at a heavy discount.

Plans & Pricing

The tiered pricing options may be one of the nicest features ADrive has to offer. All of the ADrive plans are fully customizable.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Personal Premium $25 to $250 annually 100GB to 20TB+ 16 GB file size limit, SSL protection, FTP, support for WebDAV, advanced permissions control, full 24/7 support
Business $70 to $700 annually 200GB to Unlimited Same as Personal Premium

ADrive In-Depth Review

In this section of our ADrive review, we’ll go over the features of this cloud storage solution point by point, so that you can better make a decision if this service is right for you or your business’ individual needs.

File Backup

As a cloud solution similar to Dropbox, ADrive offers simple drag-and-drop file syncing along with a dedicated sync folder on your PCs hard drive. What you can do once the files are there is where the service really shines.

Online file sharing, online document editing, file versioning, collaboration and multiple concurrent sessions make this app a great contender. Unfortunately for them, these features are offered by all of the competition as well.

File Restoration

Files can be individually downloaded from any of their apps, or the entire sync drive can be downloaded to a dedicated folder on a PC by simply installing and logging into the official desktop app. This works very similarly to other services in this category. It’s easy to use, and you don’t even have to think about it. Your files will just download in the background.


All data transferred is encrypted with SSL. Oddly enough, their website doesn’t mention anything about file encryption on the server side, which makes one wonder if stored files are even encrypted. Other websites have mentioned that there is no encryption available, which is a little worrying. Encryption seems like a basic necessity these days, especially when you’re dealing with customers’ personal data.

Advanced Features

ADrive has some interesting features. First of all, document editing from within the web or mobile app is a big thing these days in the industry, so that’s nice to see. There are also tools present for easy sharing, collaboration, and password-protected sharing.

Uploading and downloading can also be done in a multitude of ways that differ from just using the ADrive apps which are available on Google Play and iTunes. With support for FTP, SFTP, SCP, and RSync, it’s pretty easy to get at your stuff any way you want.

Pros & Cons


  • Individual directory upload;
  • SCP, FTP, SFTP file transfers;
  • Mobile, desktop, and web apps;
  • Large storage sizes for the cost;
  • Collaboration;


  • Questionable security, no security for free users;
  • Free plans are ad-supported;
  • File size limits for all plans;

ADrive Alternative Options


Box is one of the first ADrive alternatives that comes to mind. offers great security and a 10 GB free initial storage pool. It has good collaboration features. The only downside to Box is that it has a file size limit that can become quite annoying.

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Google Drive

As far as free cloud storage goes, Google Drive has a lot to offer. You get 15 GB initial storage for free. On top of that, there’s Google Apps integration and awesome collaboration tools. However, Google Drive premium plans do tend to be quite expensive. And there is no password protection for individual files. This is where ADrive might prove to be a better choice.

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Microsoft OneDrive

Because it is a Microsoft product, OneDrive offers superb integration with Windows. In addition, it has mobile apps with automatic photo backup. Just like Google Drive, however, its premium features are slightly expensive. On top of that, OneDrive has a relatively small free storage pool.

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Our Verdict

For those on a budget, the large storage pools of may be incredibly attractive. However, those seeking a wealth of features like full system backup may need to look elsewhere though. The ADrive 24/7 customer support, online document editing, and collaboration are nice. It’s hard to recommend actually paying for a plan though, since the security is questionable, and there are just better options out there. Thank you for reading our ADrive review. Please share your thoughts on ADrive in the comment form below!