Altdrive Review – Best Low-cost Cloud Solution?

If by chance, you are on the lookout for a cheap cloud storage solution for your home or business needs, then you definitely must check out our Altdrive review.

Altdrive is considered the next generation of top-end solutions to backup and file restoration. It may not have the same luster as Syncplicity or SpiderOak One, but with unlimited backup space, one-click backup, and cheap pricing, who can ask for more?

As a cloud storage service, Altdrive is easy to use and to deploy on any type of machine running Windows, Mac OSX, or Solaris. The true beauty of this service is that it’s so simple to use that you don’t need to be a tech-savvy geek in order to get the hang of things.

Stick with us through our Altdrive review to hear all about this low-cost service that can cover most of your business and personal backup needs.

Altdrive Review – An Overview

As we’ve disclosed in our introductory paragraph, Altdrive is not as visually appealing as other cloud backup services, but that doesn’t put a dent in its functionality.

Right now, you’re probably wondering what can Altdrive can be used for? Here’s a little rundown of its functions:

  • Backup your files to the online Altdrive cloud. NAS backup is supported, but you cannot backup your files to the local drive.
  • Restore files from the cloud. The Altdrive manager will keep, by default, 30 versions of each folder uploaded to the cloud.
  • Manage your files and folders using either the desktop manager or the online platform.
  • Schedule your backups.
  • Manage your encryption keys.
  • Edit, move or delet files stored on your personal cloud.

Altdrive Review – Pricing

Altdrive offers three types of pricing tiers, each of them is tailored to serve different cloud storage and backup necessities. As an overview, Altdrive has two home/personal packages, the Gold and Platinum, and one for business.

Regardless of what type of plan you choose, you will have a 30-days free trial period. What’s even more exciting is that you are not contractually obligated to do anything during this period, which means that you won’t have to supply credit a card number or any credentials in order to try out this amazing cloud storage service.

Below, you will find a table containing Altdrive’s pricing tiers in detail, as well as what you get for your money.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
Gold$4.45 per month or $44.50 per year.UnlimitedUnlimited
Platinum$9.95 per monthUnlimitedHas the same features as the home plan, with the exception that you can add up to three computers to the same account.
Biz$0.15 per GB per month or $3.25 per user per monthUnlimitedRemote storage backup
Admin features
Supports NAS backup.

First Look And File Backup

Naturally, as part of our Altdrive review, we’ve managed to perform quite a lot of tests on this client storage service. As a general observation, we’ve really appreciated the fact that the desktop client is easy to install.

You just have to select your type of plan and create your account using your e-mail address. After that, you will be asked to download the manager for your computer. You can choose between Windows, Mac OSX, and Solaris.

The installation process takes only a few minutes to complete, and, after that, you will be able to back up your first files and folders to the cloud.

Now, when you’re done setting up your Altdrive desktop manager, the backup wizard will automatically launch. You can use it to perform actions such as setting your PC’s name or to select which types of folders to back up.

In fact, this is practically the first time we’ve actually seen a cloud storage desktop client asking us which types of files it should back up, instead of starting the process without prior notice.

You can choose between backing up all your data, asking the manager to recommend backup options if you’re not sure what you need to save, or taking the reins yourself and starting playing it by ear.

So, in order to back up your files, Altdrive’s manager provides a comprehensible tree-like representation of your local drives. Just choose your files and hit the “Backup” button. It’s as easy as that.

Another cool feature is the pause backup, which will pause all ongoing backup processes for the next 8 hours. This comes in handy, especially if you’re into gaming, and you don’t want the backup manager occupying all the band.

File Restoration

Restoring your lost files and folders is as easy as backing them up. Just use the desktop manager or the online account to track down and restore your lost data. To our relief, Altdrive downloaded them to their original folders, without adding them to a zip or .rar archive.

However, it took us a bit to track down all those files, since the search bar was not entirely up to the challenge.

Another restore feature we’ve enjoyed is the timed restoration. Using it, you can restore all files and folders lost during a specific time of the day. What’s it good for? Let’s say that, sometimes during the day, something occurred with your machine, and you’ve lost a great deal of data.

You’re not sure what you’ve lost, but you do know that the event happened between x and y hours. Using the timed restore functions, you can instruct the manager to restore all the data that might have been lost in that interval.

File Versioning

By default, Altdrive keeps 30 versions of each file uploaded to the cloud. However, you can tweak this limit, and set it higher or lower, depending on your needs.

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, Altdrive does not have any mobile applications, which makes it far less feasible to use compared to other cloud storage services which support multiple devices.

Altdrive Review – Security

When it comes to security, Altdrive is more than ready to meet head-on all malware threats. So, apart from the standard 256-bit AES security keys, the company keeps all data in separate encrypted storage. Furthermore, the transfers are also encrypted by a default 256-bit security key, and, as per user demand, it can add an extra layer of security.

You can also create a personal security key to keep your files out of harm’s way. The obvious disadvantage of creating a personal security key is that if you lose it, you can wave bye-bye to all your data stored in the cloud.

Altdrive Review – Pros & Cons


  • High security;
  • Easy to install;
  • Easy to deploy;
  • Great prices;
  • Good band throttling.


  • No mobile applications;
  • NAS support is only available on the Business plan;
  • You cannot backup to local drives.

Our Verdict

As part of our Altdrive review, we have experienced a lot of what this amazing cloud storage and backup service has to offer. We do appreciate the fact that the company has managed to create a product that’s competitive and cheap to use at the same time.

It may not have the same spunk as other cloud storage have, but the awesomeness of Altdrive resides in its simplicity. As a general recommendation, we encourage you to use Altdrive as a personal or business cloud, since it does consume that many resources.

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