Barracuda Cloud Storage Service Review

Barracuda cloud storage service is one of the most popular cloud eco-systems for businesses. Generally, the system serves as an advanced IT system. Hundreds of thousands of companies use it around the world, regardless of their size. There are lots of reasons why organizations choose the company’s service. In this Barracuda review, we intend to cover the good and bad of the service and also offer you useful recommendations.

barracuda review

Barracuda – General Info

Barracuda allows you to manage, monitor, and configure your backups and security roles over a simple and well-designed web interface. Additionally, through the company’s products, you can access a variety of important and helpful features. These include electronic signing, online security, file sharing, control of applications, and remote access to your files. To provide round the clock online security to your company, the service updates automatically and continuously.

You will also enjoy the centralized management offered by the company. Their systems support a wide variety of devices and operating systems. These include Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can also use the service over the web.

Plans and Pricing

Plan pricing plays just as much a part in this Barracuda review as its features. Their pricing plans are quote-based and are suitable for small to large businesses. Users appreciate the level of security offered by the firm for its many pricing options available. The subscriptions also automatically renew and update, and this helps to reduce the risk of security breaches.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Barracuda Backup Server 390 Unlimited Cloud Storage $1,312.99 per year Unlimited

Uses Offset Vaulting to allow users to migrate monthly and yearly revisions of data to cloud storage

Suitable for P/N:BBS390A

Barracuda Backup Server 490 Unlimited Cloud Storage $2,625.99 per year Unlimited

Suitable for P/N:BBS490A

Replicates up to 4 TB of data to two geographically separated tier-3 data centers

Barracuda Backup Server 690 Unlimited Cloud Storage $5,251.99 per year Unlimited

Suitable for P/N:BBS690A

Replicates up to 8TBV of data to two separate geographical locations

Uses ASP hosted service

Barracuda In-Depth Review

Barracuda cloud storage has been on the market for some time. Many companies and organizations around the world have subscribed to the service, and numerous have reported a positive user experience in their Barracuda reviews. We intend to cover the details on their products in depth and also provide an objective overview of the service.

File Backup

There are several backup options available to Barracuda subscribers. These are inline deduplication, replication, cloud-to-cloud backup, offsite vaulting, unlimited cloud storage, and near continuous data protection.

  • The inline deduplication backup option allows users to duplicate data as they receive it. This reduces the time and resources necessary for a full backup.
  • With the replication option, users can send files to the Barracuda appliances or the cloud.
  • Offsite vaulting allows users to duplicate their local backups to the cloud or other Barracuda appliances.
  • With cloud-to-cloud backup, users can protect exchange online mailboxes and one drive in Office 365 from losing data.
  • The unlimited barracuda cloud storage allows the replication of your backup to the cloud.
  • With the near continuous data protection option, users can back up important files every 15 minutes. However, the program only backs up changed files.

File Restoration

You can restore files from the Barracuda systems in many ways. Some packages include an “Instant Replacement” option. This option will help in the quick restoration of the recent data and configuration settings in case of complete failure of the systems. The company will ship the replacement in the following business day.

Companies with physical servers can simply restore their files by performing bare metal recoveries. Those with virtual servers can use the quicker image-based restore options.

Barracuda also has a LiveBoot recovery option. This is available to users who intend to protect their Microsoft Hyper-V Environments and VMware. In case of system failures, customers can use their local Barracuda Backup to reboot the system in very short time.


One of the most important aspects of a backup system is security. As we have already noted in this Barracuda review, the system is highly secure. All the files that Barracuda backs up in its systems have the 256-bit AES encryption level. This is even higher than what the government requires for its top secret files. They use this aggressive encryption when they store data and when they transfer it offsite. The systems update automatically to ensure even greater security.

Advanced/Other Features

The Barracuda systems also offer PST management. Their cloud archiving service automates the transfer of emails from PST files to the Office 365 mail store. Once you import all your data, you can disable the program from creating PST files. The service also provides a wide variety of monitoring and operational features. For example, they offer electronic signing, file sharing, intrusion protection and secure remote access.

Barracuda – Pros and Cons

This section of the Barracuda review will outline the service’s most significant strengths and weaknesses.


  • Offers continuous protection
  • Provides centralized management
  • Is highly secure
  • Has useful extra features such as electronic signature
  • Can be used across many operating systems


  • Is quite expensive

Barracuda Alternative Options

To round up our Barracuda review, we offer you viable alternatives to the company’s prices and features. Among them is Firmex, also a priced-by-quote service. You can also use it to share files securely within a company. With Firmex, you can add and invite users. The service will best suit medium and large organizations and companies. It can operate on Windows, Mac, and other web systems. You can also integrate the system into your existing business using an API.

ShareFile is priced annually or monthly. The software has been recognized as the best in file sharing. It offers lots of features that make it suitable for most businesses. With it, you can generally upload files of up to 10GB at once. It has optimization for small, medium, and large businesses, as well as freelancers. It is also optimized for a wide variety of platforms.

Synplicity is priced through yearly subscriptions and also by quotes. The company offers their services through three options: personal, business and enterprise editions. For the Enterprise Edition, you have to contact the vendor for pricing information. The rest involve yearly payments. It is also available on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS devices, and web-based systems.

Our Verdict

Barracuda is highly popular around the world. As we note in this Barracuda review, the service is also very secure and offers many convenient options for file backup and restoration. There are also many pricing options available, and these are targeted at different sizes of businesses. The service has its strengths and weaknesses, and you have to consider them before making a decision to purchase the plans. For almost all organizations, this service will prove to be the best. If you have any extra thoughts and questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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