Box Cloud Storage Review

Box Cloud Storage is a cloud-based backup and restoration tool which also features highly-intuitive collaboration tools. In our Box Cloud Storage review, we will be looking at this cloud storage provider from multiple standpoints. We will be discussing Box pricing plans, features, backup, restore, as well as unique additional features.

Box Cloud Storage Review

Box Cloud Storage is an innovative cloud-based collaboration and backup tool.

Box Service – General Info

No matter where your work takes you, with Box Cloud Storage, you will be able to access all files stored in the cloud and to keep in touch with your colleagues, over one of the most accessible collaboration platform on the market.

With Box Cloud Storage you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Backup your files and folders. Box Cloud Storage will let you migrate your information directly to the cloud or to your local drive. It also supports NAS devices.
  • Retrieve your lost information from the cloud. Box Cloud Storage also has remote wipe features and various anti-theft safeguards.
  • Share your favorite files and folders with your colleagues or with your friends, over e-mail, social media or by using Box Cloud’s virtual workspace.
  • Assign tasks while you are away from your computer, and track their progress by taking advantage of Box Cloud’s powerful and intuitive collaboration tools.
  • Post comments on various items such as pictures or documents.
  • Receive the latest news on the status of your projects with Box Cloud’s smart notification system.

Pricing & Plans

As part of our Box Cloud Storage review, we took a look at the service’s pricing plans and offers. As with many cloud storage services we reviewed, these cna be confusing at times. The company has five price tiers, each of them being design to accommodate both home users and business owners. Below, you will find a table containing all the price tiers, as well as their features.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Personal (Trial) Free 10 GB 250 MB upload limit
Personal Pro $10.40/month/user 100 GB 5 GB upload limit.
Starter $5.20/month/user 100 GB

Supports 10 users per account;

2 GB upload limit;

Desktop Sync and more (*).

Business $15.60/month/user Unlimited

5 GB upload limit;

Mobile security providers;

SSO integration and more (**).

Enterprise Contact is required Unlimited

Full content visibility;


Watermarking and others (***).

(*) The Starter plan also includes the following features: mobile access, two-factor authentication, user management, standard business support, and box API access for 25k actions per month.

(**) The Business plan also includes these features: advanced user reporting, custom branding, integration with EMM providers, DLP, box API access for 50k actions per month.

(***) The Enterprise plan also has the following functions: unlimited integrations, eDiscovery features, workflow automation, customized administrative user roles, enhanced session and account management, device trust, box zones, and box API access for 100k actions per month.

Box Cloud Storage In-Depth Review

Box pricing plans seem relatively flexible, and offer quite a lot of features for the asking price. In the following sections, we will be looking at these features, to see how Box performs.

File Backup

To start using Box Cloud Storage’s features, you will need to access their official page and create an account. The whole operation takes no more than 5 minutes to complete, and after that, you will receive a download link for the desktop-based application.

After the manager is installed, you will need to log in with your credentials to start using the backup features. Overall, the desktop application is polished, eye pleasing, and the design gives the user the distinct impression of streaming Facebook, rather than using a cloud-based backup service. Uploading your first files to the cloud is very easy since the app lets you choose the backup method, like uploading individual files or whole folders. Moreover, the desktop application has a drag-and-drop feature, which makes the backup operation easier and more accessible. The desktop-based manager also has a one-key whole backup key, which allows the users to backup up everything they have on their computers. Box Cloud Storage runs silently in the background, so it does not interfere with your work routine.

File Restoration

As far as file restoration is concerned, during this Box Cloud Storage review we have determined that this operation is very easy to complete. To perform this operation, use either the desktop or web-based app, select the files you need to need to restore, and hit the restoration function. In consequence, the manager or the web-based application will start downloading these files and folders to a user-defined location, and from there you can move them to their initial locations. Box Cloud does not feature an archiving function, which means that you will have to place the restored files into their original folders manually.


Regarding security, you can be sure that all your files stored in the cloud are protected and out of harm’s way. Hence, the company employs multiple safeguards, starting from SSL encryption, and all the way up to customer-managed encryption, mobile security, rights management. Furthermore, all the data automatically collected by the eDiscovery protection network are in full compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI.

Other Features

Box Cloud Storage gives you the ability to edit documents on the go, using the software’s integrated web editor. This way, you will eliminate the constant need of having to download the document on your computer/device, edit it using your Office Suite, and then uploading it again. Regarding backing up and restoration, Box Cloud’s web-based application is as easy to use as its desktop counterpart. Drag-and-drop your data into the upload space for a quick backup or select the files you want to restore and your device and hit the “Restore” button. You can also share files and folders with people who don’t have access to your cloud, by using social media platforms or e-mail addresses.

In addition, Box also offers a series of collaboration tools, similar to those offerd by Slack or Asana. These include:

  • Task setting – if you have an ongoing project and you feel like playing solo is overwhelming, then you can ask your colleagues to perform a certain task. Like Asana, Box Cloud’s virtual workspace will allow the user to create tasks and write detailed descriptions.
  • Progress Overview – at all time you will be able to see what your colleagues have been up to. Use the web application’s powerful tracking tool to see which tasks have been completed and what remains to be done.
  • Comments and annotations – if you think that there might be any room for improvement, then you can use the service’s comments and annotations features to post various comments.
  • Edit deadlines – based on the project’s status, you can edit each task’s priority.

Box Cloud Storage Review

Pros & Cons

To sum up what we learned so far in our Box Cloud Storage review, here’s a short recap of the main pros and cons we found.


  • Excellent collaboration functions;
  • Office integration;
  • Ironclad security;
  • Good upload and download speeds;
  • Gorgeous and highly functional mobile applications.


  • Price tiers leave a sense of confusion; 
  • Restored files are not archived before download;

Box Cloud Storage Alternative Options

From its name, you can probably guess Box aims to become a reliable Dropbox alternative. And there are some areas in which Box definitely outshines Dropbox. Most importantly, it offers a series of collaboration and productivity tools Dropbox has not yet developed fully. On the other hand, if you still looking for a free cloud storage service, Dropbox is still a better alternative.

Google Drive is also a solid Box alternative. It offers more free cloud storage than Dropbox, and features editing and collaboration tools similar to those offered by Box.

If you’re looking for a Box alternative that’s somewhere in-between Google Drive and Dropbox, we would recommend giving pCloud a look. It may not have the same generous free storage allotment, but this is a fair compromise for the top-notch security features and usability.


To conclude our Box Cloud Storage review, we have to say that this product is both powerful and efficient. This service is designed to accommodate home users and business owners. Overall, Box Cloud is clean, flexible, and has a lenient learning curve. By combining collaboration features and cloud functions, the company has invented a product which is both competitive and dependable.

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