Carbonite Cloud Storage Service Review

Lately, the market for cloud storage solutions became somewhat overcrowded. Nearly everybody is looking for a good client, specifically, one that manages to put into balance outstanding features and great pricing. There are many alternative cloud storage services to choose from. In our Carbonite review, we will be looking at the main features and pricing plans of this cloud storage provider. We hope our Carbonite review will help you determine whether Carbonite is a cloud storage alternative that’s worth investing in.

Carbonite Review – Best Solution for Unlimited Storage

Although Carbonite is not a newcomer, cloud storage reviewers often tend to overlook this service. We are here to set things right, and, with our Carbonite review.

Carbonite – General Info

Carbonite is a backup and restoration cloud-based service which offers unlimited storage to users, regardless of what type of pricing plan they choose. As an overview, Carbonite has two major types of plans. One is designed for home computers and personal use, and another one tailored for small and large companies.

There are many perks to using Carbonite as your default backup manager. Obviously, the first advantage is the unlimited storage offer, which means that you can backup your whole computer in no time, without having to pay for any additional storage space. But there are other advantages as well. And we will discuss each of them in-depth, in our Carbonite review.

Plans & Pricing

As we’ve stated in our introductory paragraph, Carbonite features two types of plans: one designed for individual users and another one designed for businesses. But this is where things get interesting: both types of plans are further broken down into subcategories, thus letting the user decide which plan best suits their needs.

Below, you will find a table containing all of Carbonite’s pricing tiers for home, as well as their features.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Basic $59.99 per year Unlimited

Automatic and secure cloud backup;

Free U.S-based support, seven days per week;

Access and share files remotely;

Supports Windows and Mac.

Plus $99.99 per year Unlimited

All the features of the Basic plan;

External hard drive backup;

Mirror Image backup.

Prime $149.99 per year Unlimited

All of the features included in the Basic and Plus plans;

Automatic video backup;

Courier recovery service;

Supports only Windows devices

Note that all of the above-mentioned pricing tiers also include a 15-days trial program. Furthermore, you won’t need to supply any credit card number in order to access the trial program, just your e-mail address, and a password.

Carbonite In-depth Review

Now, let’s take a closer look at the main features Carbonite has. In this part of our Carbonite review, we will be discussing Carbonite file backup, restoration, security as well as significant additional features, such as file versioning and mobile apps.

File Backup

The installation process takes only a couple of minutes depending on your machine’s specifications, and, at the end of the process, the manager will perform its first update. After that, you are ready to backup your first files and folders.

So, the first thing we’ve noticed after getting the desktop app up and running is that you can’t select which files to upload. The manager will start to automatically backup everything on your computer. The whole process may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on how many files you have on your hard drive.

Carbonite Review – Best Solution for Unlimited Storage

Basically, you don’t have anything to say when it comes to backup. You just have to sit there patiently and wait for the process to finish. Luckily, the backup process does not take up a lot of resources, and you can set the manager to work in the background.

Carbonite Review – Best Solution for Unlimited Storage

The backup process altogether is decent, but prohibitive since you cannot tell the manager what files to upload or to set exclusions.

File Restoration

While the backup function lacks in terms of flexibility, the file restoration function is somewhat more generous. Restoring your lost files and folders is easy, and Carbonite has some nifty tools when it comes to file restoration.

Carbonite Review – Best Solution for Unlimited Storage

When you go to the restore tab section, the manager will present you with three quick ways to retrieve those files:

  • Search and Restore: this opens up a search box where you can type in the name of the file or folder you wish to restore. Just write the name, hit the “Restore” button and the manager will proceed with the restoration process.
  • Browse you Backup: upon accessing this function, the Carbonite desktop application will fire up a comprehensible directory tree, which you can use to locate all lost files.
  • Restore all Files: restore all the files stored in the cloud, regardless of whether they are already on your computer or device.


By signing up with Carbonite, you can be sure that all your information is secure. The standard home plan uses a 128-bit encryption key, while the business plan utilizes a 256-bit encryption key. Furthermore, all your information is stored in a secured facility, where the servers are under constant supervision.

Employees are allowed to access these data centers once they submit to a standard biometric scan. To ensure that nothing happens to the physical servers, the company has installed temperature sensors, and backup generators that automatically kick in should an emergency arise.

Advanced/Other Features

Carbonite fully supports file versioning. The manager will keep track of absolutely all the changes committed to the files stored and the cloud and will allow you to restore versions as old as three months.

As far as mobile apps are concerned, presently, Carbonite is compatible with Android, and iOS. Unfortunately, there’s no app for Windows Phone, nor for devices running Linux. Like their desktop peers, the mobile apps are easy to use, and they feature a user-friendly design. However, the Carbonite mobile app doesn’t really work as well as the desktop version for either Android or iOS.

Carbonite – Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited storage;
  • Ironclad security;
  • Decent OS integration;
  • Two-step verification systems;
  • No obligations trial program;
  • Search options;
  • Decent cross-platform compatibility;
  • Access your files from any device connected to the Internet.


  • Slow upload and download speeds;
  • No media streaming option;
  • No file selection or exclusion features;
  • Desktop manager can shut down unexpectedly;
  • Poor mobile apps
  • Prohibitive backup features.

Carbonite Alternative Options

With its impressive security and diverse pricing plans, Carbonite is definitely a top notch cloud storage solution. However, there are a few Carbonite alternative options that outperform Carbonite in certain key areas.

As far as pricing is concerned, if you’re interested in a cheaper alternative for home use, we strongly recommend OneDrive as an alternative to Carbonite. You can get 5 GB free storage which you can use as long as you like. And the OneDrive basic storage pricing plan costs just $1.99 per month, for 50 GB. Which is more than enough cloud storage space for personal use

The Carbonite mobile app is one of the biggest issues with this cloud storage solution. If you want a service with a bit more flexibility and solid mobile apps, we would mention IDrive as a great alternative option for Carbonite.

Our Verdict

In order to conclude our Carbonite review, we have to add just a couple of things. First of all, Carbonite is a good cloud storage alternative, although it lacks more advanced file backup features. Overall, we consider Carbonite to be robust, easy to use, and quite secure.

As a personal cloud backup, Carbonite is an expensive solution compared to other cloud storage solutions, but it’s a great choice for small or large businesses.

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