Cloud Storage Comparison: 5 Best Cloud Storage Providers in 2017

If you’re looking for a good cloud-based service, then check out our cloud storage comparison. We are going to tell everything you’ll need to know about cloud storage, starting with monthly storage allotment, pricing tiers, and additional services.

Cloud Storage Comparison: Best Cloud Storage Providers in 2017

Cloud storage is the best way to go in order to prevent hard disk cluttering.

Why Go Cloud?

Because, at some point in the future, we’ve got to come to terms with the fact that traditional storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, and sticks will become obsolete. As networks grow, so does our need to keep our files away from harm’s way.

That’s where cloud storage kicks in, and the idea is as elegant as it is commodious: you can stash everything you can think of on the cloud, without having to clutter your PC’s or Mac’s internal memory.

By switching to a cloud-based solution you’ll ensure not only that your hard drive remains pristine, but you’ll also have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. Most cloud-based storage services have great offers when it comes to storage allotment, with pricing tier tailored after your profile.

So, whether you’re the owner of a company or a simple user, there’s always a solution for your storage needs. Check out our cloud storage comparison section for more information on cloud products.

The Best Cloud Storage Services in 2017

Here’s a rundown of the best cloud storage services that you can use. Note that while some of them are business-oriented, there are a few designed for simple users.

1. Backblaze

To kick off our cloud storage comparison is Backblaze. Backblaze has been going strong for quite some time. There are plenty of cloud storage providers that find it difficult to get ahead in this highly competitive market. But somehow, Backblaze stayed afloat, when other cloud providers buckled under the pressure.

Cloud Storage Comparison: Best Cloud Storage Providers in 2017

We talked about at length about the pros and cons in our Backblaze review. What makes this cloud storage provider so popular, when compared with other cloud storage services, is perhaps its very flexible pricing. Backblaze pricing varies according to the amount of online storage you need. In the table below, we offered the base pricing for Backblaze storage. On their website, you can find a handy pricing calculator, to determine exactly how much you would be paying for the service. They also have a pretty generous free cloud storage offer, compared with other popular cloud services.


Storage Allotment


10 GB

$0.005 per GB per month

Unlimited Storage

2. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is another good choice if you’re looking for a reliable and wallet-friendly cloud storage service provider. One great feature that recommends CrashPlan as a cloud storage service is its improved performance features.

CrashPlan has a wide variety of solutions, both as personal cloud and business cloud. Crashplan pricing has changed accordingly.

Cloud Storage Comparison: Best Cloud Storage Providers in 2017

All of CrashPlan’s pricing offers include unlimited storage. The main difference in these offers is the number of computers that can have access to the online storage. From the pricing plans, it’s relatively plain to see CrashPlan is better suited to be a business cloud rather than a home cloud. Unlike other cloud storage providers, CrashPlan doesn’t offer free online cloud storage. The free plan also includes an online backup feature, albeit limited.




Storage Allotment


$5/month (1 computer) Unlimited Online Storage


$12.50/month/user (2-10 computers) Unlimited Online Storage
Business $10/month/computer (unlimited computers)

Unlimited Online Storage

3. SOS Online Backup

If you’re running on a tight budget, then SOS Online Backup is the answer to all your cloud-related problems. Even though this cloud service is more suitable for backup and recovery than storage, it still manages to dazzle clients with its smart deals and large storage allotment.

Cloud Storage Comparison: Best  Cloud Storage Providers in 2017

Another positive aspect of using the SOS Online Backup as your default cloud storage service is that it features the continuous backup and monitoring system, which automatically detects any changes made to your files and update the backup archive.

SOS Online Backup pricing plans are pretty straightforward. Much like Backblaze and CrashPlan, they are quite flexible, and can accomodate a large variety of cloud storage needs.

Edition Price

Storage Allotment

For Home

starts at $5/month

50 GB – 2 TB

For Business

starts at $29.99/month

100 GB – 2 TB

4. Dropbox

It’s nearly impossible to compare cloud storage providers and not mention Dropbox. After all these years, Dropbox still remains one of the best cloud storage services available.

Whenever you need to put something on the cloud, just right-click on the file or folder and select the Dropbox feature. Moreover, Dropbox is even compliant with Microsoft 365, which means you can modify and create MS documents on the go while working directly on the cloud.

Cloud Storage Comparison: 5 Best Service Providers in 2017

Docs and files aren’t the only things you can share using Dropbox. Having a good storage allotment plan, users can share up to 2 GB of files, folders, docs, and pictures, without having to pay any fees.

Like Backblaze, Dropbox has a 30-day file recovery system, which means that you can always retrieve your data lost within a 30-day interval.

Recently, Dropbox also introduced a series of collaboration tools, known as Dropbox Paper. Dropbox Paper is clearly meant to close the gap between Dropbox and Google Drive for the title of best cloud storage. It remains to be seen whether Dropbox Paper really is as good as what Google Drive has to offer.

Dropbox pricing hasn’t change too much throughout the years. They have diversified Dropbox Business plans, but apart from that, Dropbox pricing is still pretty much the same as it was years ago.



Storage Allotment


Free 2 GB


$9.9 dollars/month

1 TB

Business Standard $12.50 dollars/month/user

2 TB

Business Advanced $20/month/user


Enterprise Contact Dropbox Sales


5. Google Drive


Since we mentioned Dropbox, we should also say a couple of words about Google Drive. No cloud storage comparison would be complete without it. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive continued to improve its service, even after achieving the status of best cloud storage provider.

Besides the collaboration tools we discussed in our Google Drive review, this cloud provider also allows you to scan documents using your smartphone. Scanned documents are automatically uploaded to your Drive as PDFs, to keep for later. In addition, you can work offline on your Google Docs, no matter where you are.

Google Drive pricing is also highly competitive. They continue to offer one of the largest free cloud storage plans. Premium Google Drive plans are also relatively cheap compared with those of other cloud providers.


Storage Allotment

Free 15 GB

100 GB


1 TB

$99.99/month 10 TB
$199.99/month 20 TB
$299.99/month 30 T

Cloud Storage Comparison – The conclusions

Here are some of the pros and cons of using one cloud storage provider over the other.

BackBlaze CrashPlan SOS Online Backup Dropbox

Google Drive



$6/month; $12.50/month;

$10/month (business plan)

$5+ per month

$29.99+ per month






$1.99/ month



Storage Allotment

Unlimited Online Storage  Unlimited Online Storage

50 GB – 2 TB

100 GB – 2 TB

2GB; 1TB; 2 TB; Unlimited

15 GB;

100 GB – 30 TB

Windows App

Yes Yes Yes Yes


Mac App

Yes Yes Yes Yes


Android App

No No Yes Yes Yes

Free Trial

15 Days 30 Days 30 Days No


File Sharing No No Yes Yes



No No Yes Yes Yes
Recovery Time 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 30 Days



No No No Yes


Security Protocols AES/SSL TSL LDAP OAuth


Cloud Storage Comparison – Our Verdict


To stay relevant in the highly competitive cloud storage market, cloud storage providers have optimized their products for a variety of cloud needs. As such, you’ll rarely find a service that works great as a business cloud and personal cloud.

To conclude our cloud storage comparison, we would say that, as far as business cloud are concerned, Backblaze and Crashplan would be the better options. Their pricing plans offer good value, and both services include a wide variety of advanced features to deal with the needs of large businesses. These features, however, are excessive when it comes to the needs of home users or small businesses. Dropbox and Google Drive are perhaps better options in these categories, since everyone is familiar with them, and they pretty much cover the basic cloud storage needs of a small company.

SOS Cloud Storage falls somewhere in the middle, which makes it great for developing businesses, that aren’t quite there yet in terms of size but are developing rapidly.

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