CloudMe Cloud Storage Service Review

In this CloudMe review, we will look at this European cloud service provider that got its fame because of its strict privacy laws from Sweden. Xcerion, a Swedish company, originally helped to establish it. The company combined its cloud desktop service with the cloud file storage service. Then in 2011, Apple bought the trademark, and they split the company into two separate services: CloudMe and CloudTop. The privacy laws will probably one of the biggest draws to the CloudMe service, but this CloudMe review will look at how good it is by itself.

CloudMe Service: General Info

Looking at CloudMe, one of the first things that you will notice is how they have some decent collaboration options, and you also get good software support from the company. Despite the excellent privacy options with CloudMe, the company, unfortunately, has been marred because of its complete lack of real security protection, and you have an expensive pricing model.

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You have plenty of good sharing options with this company, and you can take full advantage of the share and the collaborative folders that won’t require an account to get access to them. This is a service that supports the Android, iOS, SmartTVs, Window Server NAS and WebDAV. You can download things very quickly using this system, and it will work excellently. You can also follow some of the other folders and receive updates on them as it arises.

Plans and Pricing

Based on what we have seen with CloudMe, this CloudMe review found the pricing a little expensive in comparison to some of the competition. For non-business plans, you can get up to 500 GB, but the company will charge you a staggering 300 euros per year for this service. That’s quite expensive for the tiny 2 GB file upload limit. What will this add to? Here’s the pricing structure:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Free CloudMe Free 3GB

Safe European Sync / Storage account, protected by the privacy laws of Sweden.

Maximum file size – 150 MB.

Support Plan € 1 / $1.13 per month / € 12 per year or $13.56 10 GB Good for storing photos, files, apps, and videos.
Starter Plan € 4 / $4.52 per month / € 48 per year or $54.24 25 GB Recommended for backing up your camera roll, sharing files, publishing photo albums, and syncing folders on your computer.
Small Plan € 8 / $9.05 per month / € 96 per year or $108.6 100 GB Recommended for syncing multiple folders, backing up folders, and storing photos, videos and music.
Standard Plan € 14 / $15.83 per month / € 168 per year or $189.96 200 GB Good for having all your documents, photos, videos, and music backed up.
Large Plan € 30 / $33.93 per month / € 360 per year or $407.16 500 GB Perfect for teams and families.

CloudMe In-Depth Review

In this CloudMe review, we will look at everything that makes this service good, and we will also look at the things that make it less desirable. This is a great service for a certain type of individual. Unfortunately, its main claim to fame might be somewhat overblown in comparison to what you could get with some of the other choices on the market. The one thing that this CloudMe review liked was how the web UI was incredibly simple and easy to follow.

File Backup

You could look at cloud backup as a type of insurance that says if something goes wrong, you will have coverage for it. The great thing about CloudMe is how the setup is quite simple, and you can schedule a backup automatically so that it happens quite naturally.

The ultimate goal behind this will always be to keep the data safe within the background. If you want to backup devices for the mobile, you will first activate it through using the camera roll sync. For a computer, you will want to install the software. Next, you will choose the folders that you want most as a backup.

File Restoration

Maybe you recently deleted the files from a CloudMe account. You can recover them quite easily and restore these files. Luckily, the deleted files won’t go away right away. First, you go to the CloudMe website, sign in and you will click on the header menu. You will go to the folder where you see the deleted files and navigate to these folders by clicking on them. When you click on the files, you uncover them in this way.


Unfortunately, the privacy gets overblown, but the actual security of CloudMe is not that great. For example, you don’t have a two-key authentication system with this setup. The two major flaws are the utter lack of security and the expensive pricing models have both contributed to this being a less desirable cloud software product. It might fit with someone’s specific niche, but you could generally find a better company out there.

Advanced Features

The advanced cloud-sync features might be part of what makes this system so good. You can connect to your digital life in a way that will suit you. In addition, you can organize your pictures and music in a way that will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

CloudMe Service – Pros and Cons

Here are some of the reasons to go with CloudMe and some of the reasons not to go with them:


  • Quick downloads;
  • Music player with web applications;
  • Support for the Android and the iOS;
  • Lots of sharing options;
  • Servers based on the privacy-focused Sweden;


  • The data doesn’t get encrypted with the server;
  • Super slow upload speeds;
  • Maximum storage limit of 500 GB for the consumer plan;

CloudMe Alternatives

You have three key alternatives that this CloudMe review will highlight. First, you have eyeOS, which is a web and desktop-based operating system that works through the concept of the cloud, and it allows for simple communication and collaboration with users. It has been written in three different languages: PHP, JavaScript and XML. This distinguishes it through its excellent user interface.

Next, you have ZeroPC Cloud Navigator, which is a desktop management dashboard for the cloud. This is one of your best personal navigators because of how you can manage all your personal cloud storage services via the cloud. Like with CloudMe, you can get it available for the web, PC and the smartphone. Some of the most intuitive features of eyeOS include the cloud content, file sharing and webmail.

Lastly, you have Qubes OS. This web-based system lets you access and manage the information necessary from across the different group members. You can enhance your collaboration as well as your communication in this way. This security-oriented operating system will give you compartmentalization. This software will support both the Linux and the Windows virtual environment, which makes it a good purchase for those users who want it specifically for that.

Our Verdict

Overall, this CloudMe review would not say that this is necessarily a bad product. What we will say, however, is that it’s going to appeal to a specific type of buyer. Because of the high cost and the fact that it’s especially good for those who want privacy, that’s the type of person who should buy this product because they will feel the most satisfied with it. If you’re someone who wants more security with your product, however, this might not be the grandest choice for you. Also, in truth, you have better alternatives out there that don’t cost as much, and they offer more security than CloudMe.

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