Top 7 Dropbox Alternatives of 2017

Dropbox is usually everyone first choice when it comes to cloud storage services. But there are Dropbox alternatives that are definitely worth taking a look at. In this article, we review some of these top Dropbox alternatives. Naturally, no cloud storage solution is going to be perfect. Each of the products we reviewed has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Is there A Life Outside Dropbox?

Presently, Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based services out there, with over 500 million users, as of March 2016. The reason why Dropbox has gained so much in popularity is that it offers highly versatile services: it has cloud storage services, backup and restore functions as well as great offers.

Dropbox is intuitive and since it is so popular it makes file sharing and team management quite easy. Because everyone is likely used to working with Dropbox and has a Dropbox account.

But there are many companies that have picked up on the success of Dropbox and created their own products to match. Here are some of the cloud storage services we would consider top Dropbox alternatives.

Top 7 Dropbox Alternatives

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1. is a free Dropbox alternative and an open source cloud storage service which offers a wider variety of add-ins for Windows and other operating systems. Using you can backup, save files on the cloud, sync files all across affiliated devices and also share your files with your contacts.

As far as free storage services go, is considered one of the best Dropbox alternatives out there. Upon creating a free account, users will also receive a 15GB storage allotment, document encryption features, granular permissions and external collaboration.

Additional Information about’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Free Free 15GB None
Starter $4/month/user (min. of 3 users) 100GB Sync capabilities; Document Encryption; File Size cap: 2GB; User management; Max. 10 users.
Business $12/month/user (min. 3 users) Unlimited Storage File Size cap: 5GB; Office 365; Custom Branding; Enterprise Mobility Management; Data Loss Prevention.
Enterprise Requires Contact Unlimited Storage Metadata; Workflow automation; Unlimited integration.

Note that the same price may differ in the USA, and in some parts of Asia, more specifically China. As a result, it is better to contact the vendor directly for any questions regarding prices and billing systems.

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2. CloudMe

CloudMe is an all-in-one cloud service, offering backup, restore, storage, sharing and live streaming services at a very affordable price. It also offers a wider variety of pricing plans than Dropbox.

You can sync, share and upload files from your Mac, PC or any smart device, using either your browser or the desktop application which is fully integrated into your OS.

Another great feature of CloudMe is the music streaming service. Upload your favorite songs on the cloud, and play them using the integrated media player.

The pricing plans CloudMe offers are split in two: Consumer and Business. Consumer plans include the free 3GB storage, the Support, Small, Standard and Large Plans. On the other hand, the business plans include the Team Plan, Business Plan and Enterprise Plan. Arguably CloudMe is better suited for small offices and medium sized teams.

Additional Information about CloudMe’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Free Free Up to 3GB None
Standard Plan $14/month 200GB Access documents and media from any device; Collaboration features; Send invitations to share.
Team Plan $149/month 1TB

Up to five users (100 GB per user); Shared workspace.

Business Plan $279month 2TB

Up to 15 users (100 GB per user); Access server on smart devices; Advanced office collaboration feature.

Enterprise Plan $759/month 5TB

Up to 50 users (100 GB per user); Large virtual machine deployment feature.

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3. SugarSync

SugarSync is another cloud storage service that has a lot to offer. In some regards, SugarSync is considered superior to Dropbox, especially when it comes to security. We’ve written more about it in our SugarSync review.

With extra security and fail-safes in places, you can rest assured that all the files and folders uploaded to the cloud will be safe. Furthermore, as a cloud storage service, SugarSync allows users to upload files, review latest versions, sync files all across various devices and even stream multimedia.

SugarSync also allows you to backup and sync any folder on your computer, unlike Dropbox. In addition, it offers better cross-platform compatibility than other cloud storage services. And to top it all off, SugarSync offers 5GB free cloud backup space.

As far as its pricing plans are concerned, SugarSync may be a better option for individual users or very small teams.

Additional Information about SugarSync’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Free Free 5 GB None
Individual $7,49-18,95/month 100-500 GB None
Business (1-3 users) $55,00/month 1TB

Administrator control; Remote wipe; Over the phone 24/7 support;

Business (9 users) $133/month 1TB Same as Business Plan;
Business Customer (10 users or more) Contact Required Custom storage Allotment Same as Business Plan.

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4. Team Drive

Team Drive is a German start-up project that offers high-quality cloud storage and backup services. As a cloud-based service, Team Drive relies heavily on collaboration and ease of use. Upload your favorite documents in the cloud, edit or remove them in real-time, and share them with your business collaborators.

This cloud storage service is also considered one of the most secure clouds out there, with users needing additional credentials in order to access shared files and folders. The only downside to Team Drive is that their cloud solutions are geared mainly towards businesses. Individual users and small offices may find the pricing plans a bit prohibitive.

Additional Information about Team Drive’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Free Free 2 GB None
Pro Starter 1 Cloud $66/year 10 GB One Cloud; License for One.
Pro Start 5+ Server $319/year Unlimited

One Server License; License for five users.

Enterprise for SMEs $5 per user/per month or from $9,570 per year Unlimited 150 Pro Licenses; Management console with the tenant; AD/LDAP authentication; Hosting Server.
Enterprise Requires Contact Unlimited

500 Pro Licenses; Registration Server; Hosting server.

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5. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is a fairly new addition to the cloud storage market. As a cloud-based service, SpiderOak weighs heavily on security. In fact, every online transaction or upload is encrypting prior to the process. Also, the passwords cannot be shared or seen by other users. Furthermore, SpiderOak’s security protocols are incredibly strict, and you can set different security levels for your staff members.

As far as Dropbox alternatives go, SpiderOak is a great option, perfect for safekeeping your favorite documents and multimedia files. Unlike Team Drive, which mainly offers business solutions, SpiderOak offers both individual and corporate solutions.

Additional Information about SpiderOak’s Price Tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Free Free 2 GB None
Groups (Free setup)


(min. 10 users)

Unlimited Fast Start; Unlimited Files; At least ten users are required.
Enterprise ($299 setup)


(min. 100 users)

Unlimited LDAP directory; Unlimited files; At least 100 users.
On Premise ($599 setup)

Contact for pricing


Unlimited LDAP; At least 1,500 users; Unlimited files.

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6. Tresorit

As alternatives to Dropbox go, none is as secure as Tresorit. The Swiss company is hailed in the industry as being impenetrable, more than 1000 hackers trying and failing to break their file encryption. This encryption is applied to all the files you entrust to them.

While with Dropbox and similar services you need to move your files to a special sync folder, Tresorit turns any folder on your computer into a “tresor.” The service also allows you to create and share encrypted links to your files, which you can then revoke.

Although they do not offer a free plan, Tresorit offers a 14-day free trial on all of their plans. If your trial expires and the paid subscription kick in but you do not wish to continue it, you are eligible for a full refund within 7 days. They offer 2 plans for individuals, Premium and Solo, and three for corporate use: Small Bussines, Bussines, and Enterprise. While the corporate plans have more features, security isn’t compromised on any of the plans.

Additional Information about Tresorit’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Additional Features
Premium $10.42/mo 100 GB End-to-end and Zero-knowledge encryption; Up to 5 devices; 10 versions; 90-day activity history; 2-factor authentification support.
Solo $24/mo 1000 GB End-to-end and Zero-knowledge encryption; Up to 10 devices; Unlimited versioning and activity history; 2-factor authentification support; Secure file sharing; Outlook integration.
Business $12/user/mo 1000 GB/user Above plus security policies; Team-level permissions; Digital rights management; HIPAA compliance; Migration assistance; Phone support.
Enterprise Custom (designed for 100+ users) 1000 GB/user Above plus audit trail; On-premise deployment; Admin API; Personalized training.

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7. Google Drive

Google Drive is arguably one of the most popular Dropbox alternatives. Due to its integration into almost every function of your devices, backup, restoration, and syncing are a breeze with Google Drive. It also allows you access to a plethora of built-in apps, like Google Drive Docs or Slides. Furthermore, it facilitates connection with other Google apps, like Google Maps or Google Drawings. It also allows for file versioning of all uploaded files and collaborations and file sharing with others.

In terms of pricing, Google Drive has a generous 15 GB free plan and several paid plans that start as low as $1.19 per month. The major advantage of Google Drive, however, is that all plans have the same features, so you’re only paying for the extra space. Which is quite cheap!

Additional Information about Google Drive’s price tiers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment
Free Free 15 GB
100 GB $1.19/mo 100 GB
1 TB $9.99/mo 1 TB
10/20/30 TB $99.99/$199.99/$299.99/mo 10/20/30  TB


These are the most popular Dropbox alternatives. Before choosing any of the cloud storage mentioned above, be sure to double-check their billing system and their offers. Also contact the company for more information, especially if you are interested in a cloud storage solution for your business, as offers may differ depending on the size of your company and its needs.

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