Dropbox for Business Price and Plans

Dropbox Business was created to be the home for everything teams need to collaborate and stay focused (plus they probably already use Dropbox, too). This familiarity makes it easy to get to grips with.

Everyone can access what they need in the team’s space, where shared files don’t take up room on hard drives until they’re downloaded using smart sync. File previews also allow teams to preview nearly any type of shared file, so everyone can make comments or annotations right on the work.

You can also control who can see or edit, and share entire projects with anyone, so all the work stays safe and secure. Dropbox offers some great features, so we’re going to run down how much getting the business edition will set you back, and what you can get for it.

Dropbox For Business What Are The Plans?

There are currently three versions of Dropbox Business available for companies. Each version offers variable solutions ideal for any size team – the three models are Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Below is a little more detail about each.

Dropbox Business Standard

Dropbox for business standard costs $10 per user per month, starting at 3 users, and provides them with 3TB of space with which to store files. As well as this, users get 120 days of file recovery, meaning you are much less likely to lose any important files for your enterprise. Encryption is 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS standard, and smart sync, as mentioned before, saves space on individual machines when files are being actively used.

Dropbox Paper, a lightweight project management system, is included in the price of Dropbox business. Integration with Office 365 is another plus point, and the system also includes an admin console and an audit log, as well as granular sharing permissions, meaning access to files can be specified to particular individuals.

Groups can also be created by both users and company heads. The ability to wipe devices remotely is included in the price, as is two-factor authentication. Dropbox’s unlimited API access means productivity can be expanded in collaboration with other development teams. Live chat support rounds off Dropbox Business’s entry-level options.

Dropbox Business Advanced

Dropbox for business advanced costs slightly more, at $15 per month, and offers, as you would expect, the same features and more. Capacity is larger, allowing businesses to have as much as they need, and admin controls offer flexibility. As well as having Dropbox Paper, Advanced also offers Dropbox showcase, a platform ideal for sharing content and ideas with partners and clients.

Admin roles can be tiered, and event tracking exists for files, one of various features available with advanced user management tools. Dropbox Advanced also includes domain verification, sign-on integration, device approvals and phone support during business hours.

Dropbox Enterprise

With Dropbox enterprise, users get all the aforementioned features, plus account capture, network control, Enterprise Mobility Management and domain insights. Phone support is ramped up even further, with support around the clock, and there is even advanced training for end-users and admins.

Dropbox Productivity/Features

We thought it was only right to include a little about the features you can expect from Dropbox, including a few of the recent changes they’ve made to some of the productivity tools and features embedded in the service. In this part of the article, we’re going to run over these very quickly, just so that you have an understanding of what these tools, are and how to maximize them.

First of all, the change is the ability to upload any photos natively from your iOS or Android device, as well as create and upload files, which is brilliant.

There is also a document-scanning feature, which is quite interesting. This is the ability to scan in documents that aren’t necessarily documented – say, for example, a napkin sketch or even a whiteboard, so that you can easily turn it into a PDF right from the mobile application.

This makes the document available on the web for you, or on a Windows application to check out later. The actual scanning ability is pretty good from what we’ve found, and it was very useful. We really like the way that it’s been kept very simplistic, similar to Evernote.

They’ve also made sharing from the desktop available; you can now share directly to email addresses and choose what kind of access they have right from the desktop, which is quite powerful, allowing you to share the files and folders that your team can work on.

Another great feature is the ability to see exactly who is viewing the document. Dropbox includes a little pop-up, signaling who in your team is currently viewing, which can be really valuable.

You can then jump into the conversation then straight after with them, or you can talk to them separately on a service such as Slack.

There is a new file request area, where you can request access to certain folders or files inside of Dropbox, which is quite powerful because other team members can get involved and request certain items.

They’ve also allowed Microsoft co-authoring inside of Dropbox, too, so now you can collaborate with Microsoft Word online, in a similar way to Google Drive, where you can edit together, but connect that with Dropbox, which is very beneficial.

One of the things that we really enjoy out of all of the productivity features they’ve added recently is commenting. You can now resolve comments, including replying, and it looks great when you’re actually talking to people, whether they’re inside the company or outside the company, especially when they’ve got a profile photo, as it very colorful on that page.

Tagging people is another handy addition, making sure people are notified in a timely fashion, which is beneficial, especially for design teams. They’ve also boosted security inside of Dropbox, letting you securely share, monitor and control who actually has access to all of the viewing and editing of each folder and file. Version history also lets you recover any edits over the past 30 days, which is extremely useful.

As you can probably tell, Dropbox are really trying to hone in what users want from their service, and it is fantastic. What they’re doing now is just making everything more refined, while focusing in on the business end of things, so that the kind of customers that are coming in want it above other cloud services.

They’re also going to be adding some more Asana/Slack kind of functionality to all of these, very similar to Quip (a service very similar to Dropbox, allowing you to create and share documents, with the ability to edit them too).

Dropbox again is one of those services that will have a very broad range of products. The problem with some other problems is that sub-applications available for these can get confusing for the consumer that is trying to keep things very simple.

Dropbox, in their branding, work and presentation have kept their design very simple, but as they start to add a lot more applications for the consumer, Dropbox needs to make sure their message and their product list is very refined for a brand-new customer.

It could become very easy for the majority of the customers to not use all of the applications that Dropbox offers, with only a fraction of those power users tapping into these extended resources.

DropBox For Business​A Worthwhile Investment

All in all, we think they’ve added some nice features. Dropbox is continually innovating and we’d love to know what you think of their recent efforts, and what you think we would be good for them to add next.

Also feel free to tell us about any improvements to other platforms that you have found useful, or improvements that you would like to see. This could be any program you desire, such as Evernote, Asana, Trello, Slack and more – all of the productivity applications for you to use at work or in play on in your personal life.

We’re also open to covering anything you’d like to see – just send across your ideas, and we’ll try and cover it as soon as we can. Any and all ideas are appreciated and building content that suits you is always our priority.

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