Egnyte Cloud Storage Service Review

Choosing the best cloud storage provider for your business can be tricky, especially when considering the vast sea of options out there. There’s a cloud storage service for everyone. It just depends on what you’re looking for. In this Egnyte review, we’ll be looking at this enterprise cloud storage service in detail and measuring it against the competition.

egnyte review

Egnyte – General Info

Egnyte is a cloud storage service that aims at offices and businesses. They offer no individual plans and simply start their offerings at the small business level. Their feature set is not too appealing to individuals in most cases, so individual users won’t want to dip in here, you’ll instead likely want to go elsewhere.

Their plans offer many of the features and security that businesses need with their cloud solutions, and compared to other enterprise solutions are priced competitively.

Plans & Pricing

Egnyte structure and price their plans quite well. They make it clear what type of office setting they’re catering to in each one, and their options are technically limitless. For smaller offices, you can choose one of their fixed pricing plans. For large-scale operations, you can call them or contact them online to receive a quote based on what you need.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Office $8/employee/month 5 TB 5-25 employees, 10 GB max file size
Business $15/employee/month 5 TB 25-100 employees, 10 GB max file size
Enterprise Requires individual quota Limited or unlimited 100+ employees, 25 GB file size (larger is possible)

Egnyte In – Depth Review

This section of the Egnyte review will take a look at the features of this cloud storage solution and analyze them while comparing them to the competition. We’ll look at the file backup, restoration, security, and additional features provided by this service. Finally, we’ll wrap it all up with a summary of Egnyte’s advantages and disadvantages. File BackupAll operations are performed using their desktop software called Egnyte Connect. Their application provides file and folder syncing as well as a dedicated sync drive, much like you might see with Dropbox or Google Drive.

They utilize FTP for file transfers, which should be faster than doing it through a web browser interface. Files are versioned, and old versions are fully accessible. This makes them a great choice for businesses that value real-time editing and collaboration. Using the application is very simple, and even someone with little computer experience shouldn’t have an issue navigating the interface with some quick training.

File RestorationFile restoration is all done through the desktop application as well. Files can be restored individually, or massive groups of files can be restored at once as well in case of data loss, getting a new computer, or whatever other reason might require it. Files are also accessible on mobile devices through the use of mobile apps. They can also be accessed remotely by logging into the web interface using your credentials on any machine. Of course, this functionality can also be customized by the administrators.

If you’re using the sync folder, files will automatically update and be synced with your cloud storage when you turn on your computer. This can be useful for keeping local and cloud backups of files on multiple systems.SecurityAs an enterprise solution, one would expect Egnyte to have stellar security, and luckily they do. Egnyte offers full in-transit end-to-end encryption for file transferring and 256-bit AES encryption while at rest on their servers. There is a zero-knowledge option as well that lets companies manage their own encryption keys.

This ensures employees and other parties cannot get access to your data, even if they want to. These days, this option is recommended for any and all sensitive data. Egnyte is HIPAA compliant, and they are also in step with SOC/ISO 27001. Two-factor authentication for all users is also available and is again recommended to ensure your account can’t be brute forced.Advanced/Other Features.

There are a lot of extra features here to sync your teeth into, some of which have already been touched on earlier in this Egnyte review. Office integration would be the first one worth noting. Full integration into the Microsoft Office suite of products enables additional collaborative and on-the-go editing capabilities.

There’s also a full suite of user controls to decide who has access to what and how they access the data stored on your cloud drive. There are also additional features for mobile devices using the app, like remote wipe to remove all data off of lost or stolen devices. For sharing, link sharing with expiration is provided, and users with access to your storage can simply edit and collaborate directly in the interface. They can even leave comments on files.

Egnyte – Pros & Cons

Next, we’ll sum up everything discussed in this Egnyte review in a pros and cons list for easy accessibility.


  • They have excellent collaboration and sharing features.
  • Egnyte provides all the security you’d need.
  • They provide full control of users and what they have access to.


  • The lowest tier plan doesn’t include some of the features of the other 2.
  • Only enterprise plan users can fully customize.

Egnyte Alternative Options

The Dropbox business plan comes in a lot cheaper but also without a lot of the great features. Dropbox still provides excellent sharing and collaboration features, but they lack the level of security and some of the user control features.

Carbonite offers a similar setup with a bit of a twist. You get much less storage with the base plans, but you can purchase additional storage if you need. They also support unlimited computers right off the bat, so there’s no need to pay per user. Depending on your needs, it may very well come out to be a bit cheaper than Egnyte.

Crashplan is an excellent choice for small business and enterprise customers. They lack a lot of the integrated collaboration features of Egnyte but provide hybrid backup solutions as well as network and external drives even at their lowest pricing tiers. Their pricing is similar to Egnyte, but all plans come with unlimited backup.

Our Verdict

Based on the factors discussed in this Egnyte review, this service is a great choice for businesses. Egnyte provides excellent collaboration and top-notch security. Their pricing comes in a little on the expensive side, especially when you compare them to unlimited options like Crashplan. But the extra features they offer are likely worth the cost of admission if you think you’ll use them.

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