ElephantDrive Cloud Storage Service Review

To help you decide whether or not this cloud storage provider is for you, we have put together a thorough ElephantDrive review, including information on pricing, backups, file restoration, and security.

elephantdrive review

ElephantDrive is a cloud storage service that offers backups, file sharing and collaboration, and file restoration. It’s most suitable for private users but can also work well for business owners. The could storage’s file sharing and collaboration features allow you to share files with employees. Coworkers can edit the files and save them, minimizing the time it takes to send emails back and forth.

ElephantDrive Service – General Info

ElephantDrive is a cloud storage service that enables syncing across all devices, stores backups, and converts files into links when you want to share them. It’s easy to sync a file across all your devices. All you have to do is place it in the “everywhere” folder. ElephantDrive’s versioning control feature lets you restore older versions of files in case you’re not happy with a new saved change.

You can also retrieve files that were deleted via archive control. When you want to share a file with someone, you can grab a link from ElephantDrive to avoid having to attach the file. You can password protect the links if you’re concerned about someone else opening the link.

Plans and Pricing

This cloud storage service provider offers three plans in which one is free. The free plan only offers 2 GB of storage space, however, which wouldn’t be enough space if you want to save videos. If you’re only storing documents and images, then 2 GB will last a while.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Lite Free 2 GB Backup and sync for three devices
100 MB individual file size allowed
end to end encryption
link sharing
folder sharing
FAQ and email support
Pro $9.95 1,000 GB $9.95 per 1,000 GB
backup and sync for unlimited devices
2 GB individual file size allowed
end to end encryption
link sharing
folder sharing
FAQ, email, and chat support
backup open and locked files
and backup external disks
Business $39.95 2,000 GB Setup consulting
managed restores
FAQ, email, chat, and phone support
$39.95 per 2,000 GB
backup and sync for unlimited devices
15 GB individual file size allowed
end to end encryption
link sharing
folder sharing
backup open and locked files
backup external disks

You can try ElephantDrive Pro and Business free for 30 days.

ElephantDrive Service In-Depth Review

To help you make a smart decision on which service to use for cloud storage, we have put together an in-depth ElephantDrive review. This review covers the most important features one looks for in cloud storage, such as file backup, file restoration, and security. We will also explain how to use the features to backup and restore your files. Our in-depth ElephantDrive review aims to be unbiased and lay out the most important information for making the right decision in cloud storage service providers.

File Backup

ElephantDrive can be set up to automatically backup all of your files. To set up your ElephantDrive to automatically back up, click on “actions”, then “add/edit backups.” In the “manage backups” window that was opened, select “new backup”, label the backup in the “name” box, then click “add folder.” Choose the folder you’d like the backup to be stored in. Click on the “scheduling” tab to set up how often you want ElephantDrive to create a backup. Once you’re finished setting it up, click “save.”

File Restoration

Restoring lost files is easy to do in ElephantDrive. You can restore files on the website or desktop client. Files and folders can be retrieved either by download or restoration. To restore a file, right click on the file you want to restore and click “restore folder.” You’ll be asked to select a destination device and destination path. Then, click “start restore now.” Retrieving a file by download is similar. Right click on the file you want to retrieve, then click download.


ElephantDrive uses a double protection layer to keep your files secure. A double protection layer encrypts your files on your computer and on the server. You have the option of using a private encryption key too.

The server that ElephantDrive uses to secure files is Amazon S3. Considering Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, your files are fairly secure with ElephantDrive. If you choose a private encryption password to add another layer of security to your files, ensure you remember it. Your files can’t be retrieved if you forget your private encryption password.

Advanced Features/Other Features

An advanced feature that’s helpful is the ability to collaborate and share folders. You can share folders with colleagues and let them make necessary changes. The changes they make can automatically sync among your devices. This eliminates the need of emailing files and exchanging thumb drives.

ElephantDrive Service – PROs & CONs

ElephantDrive provides a wide range of beneficial features, such as file collaboration and sharing, automatic backups, and file versioning. Potential downsides are pricing and being unable to access your files if you forget your encryption password.


  • You can retrieve older versions of a file thanks to ElephantDrive’s file versioning feature.
  • Deleted files and folders can be restored.
  • The cloud storage service enables syncing among all devices.
  • You can set up automatic backups.
  • Free trials of 30 days are offered, so you can see if you like the service before paying.


  • There isn’t a way to recover your files if you forget your private encryption password.
  • If a coworker makes a mistake editing a file, it will be saved among all devices.
  • Some may think it’s too expensive.

ElephantDrive Alternative Options

Three possible alternatives to ElephantDrive are Dropbox, Google Drive, and Duplicati. Similar to ElephantDrive, Dropbox offers a free 30-day trial, syncing among all devices, and file sharing and collaboration. The company is also recognized as one of the top dogs in cloud storage. Their standard plan, however, only provides 120 days of file recovery whereas ElephantDrive doesn’t have a limit.

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from the trustworthy brand Google. Its free version allows 15 GB of storage space. You can access your files stored on Google Drive from any device as well. Just like ElephantDrive and Duplicati, Google Drive offers collaboration and file sharing features.

Duplicati is a free backup software that uses AES-256 encryption to protect files. This cloud storage service checks for broken backups and can resume interrupted backups.

Our Verdict

Our ElephantDrive review concludes that it is a good cloud storage service for people to use either professionally or personally. ElephantDrive protects your data through a double protection layer, the Amazon S3 server, and an optional private encryption password. The downside to this service is it’s more expensive than some of its alternatives. In addition, you only have 2 GB of space in the free version.

What do you like most about ElephantDrive? If you’ve tried this cloud storage service before, let us know your ElephantDrive review in the comments below.

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