HiDrive Cloud Storage Review

Anyone who hasn’t already heard of HiDrive Cloud Storage might be wondering what it is. So, we’ve compiled a short description of the service as well as a detailed list and review of all of its many innovative features. Hopefully, this HiDrive review will answer all of your questions and help you with making that all-important decision about whether to try it or not. We’ll be trying our best not to miss a single important detail because, in this digital age, you need to know everything about a product or service in order to make an informed decision.

HiDrive Service – General Info

In a nutshell, HiDrive Cloud Storage offers an easy and fairly user-friendly method for backing up files online. In this HiDrive review, we will explore all of the features and performance points, both positive and negative, of this cloud storage service. HiDrive secure cloud storage is brought to you by STRATO. Its main purpose is to afford users an efficient way of accessing data by putting files into a single more manageable entity.

Plans & Pricing

Prices range from free to $30.90 per month for HiDrive 5000. One problem with HiDrive’s pricing has been the somewhat confusing issue of having two different portals for signing up for service. In addition, it becomes even more confusing that both were priced differently in spite of the fact that they’re utilizing the same naming conventions. These are the two portals:

  1. free-hidrive.com
  2. strato.com

However, now #2 no longer accepts sign-ups, therefore all sign-ups must be done via #1, where you can choose your plan and pay monthly or annually.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
HiDrive 100$2.99 mo.$31.08 yr.100 GBUnlimited traffic, one user account, sharing &  exchanging files, backup control and security
HiDrive 250$5.90 mo.$58.80 yr.250 GBUnlimited traffic, multiple user accounts, sharing &  exchanging files, backup control and security
HiDrive 1000$9.90 mo.$90.00 yr.1000 GBUnlimited traffic, multiple user accounts, sharing &  exchanging files, backup control and security
HiDrive 5000$39.90 mo.$418.80 yr.5000 GBUnlimited traffic, multiple user accounts, sharing &  exchanging files, backup control and security

HiDrive Cloud Storage Service In-Depth Review

One of the HiDrive options is their free HiDrive plan. It’s an excellent way to try before you buy. Then, if you decide to stick with the service, you can upgrade to one of their other plans that offer more storage. HiDrive’s main goal, like other cloud storage services, is freeing up your hard-drive space by allowing you to store your files on a remote server. However, HiDrive’s many features also offer a number of other handy device synchronization AND file-sharing options as well.

File BackUp

HiDrive will also let you backup your folders on your hard drive very simply with a right-click and then just select “save to HiDrive.” Many users find this feature extremely useful. On the other hand, it’s important to avoid making the mistake of assuming that HiDrive is actually an online backup tool. It isn’t, so keep that in mind. Also, HiDrive does not include backup scheduling as some other services do.

File Restoration

HiDrive also offers the option to restore deleted files as well as scheduled backups following any interruption. You can also perform file versioning and remote access management.


This is the point in our HiDrive reviews where we need to point out a few security issues. First and foremost is the fact that the HiDrive puts all of the responsibility for file encryption squarely on the user. As far as safety is concerned, however, it seems to be a safe and reliable service. Hidrive has very strict protocols for keeping all of your files safe and also employing high encryption processes during data transitioning.

Advanced Features/ Other Features

When it comes to platform support, HiDrive offers both a web GUI as well as one for desktop clients for Mac and Windows alike. You can use them for managing your account. In addition, there are mobile file access apps available for iOS and Android. Both of them can also be utilized for uploading and sharing files. There is also a handy option for automatically uploading photos. For SMBs users, there is an option for adding a teamwork package to your account for just $10 per month. This will let you add as many as five additional accounts.

HiDrive Service – Pros And Cons

Like any product, HiDrive Cloud Storage isn’t perfect so, of course, it has its pros and cons, including the following:


The positive features of HiDrive Cloud Storage service include:

  • Fairly decent sync speeds;
  • Links that are password-protected;
  • Multiple plan options;
  • Free trial version;


The downsides of Hidrive Cloud Storage service include:

  • Confusing online GUI;
  • Complicated sign-up process;
  • Lack of built-in encryption;

HiDrive Alternative Options

The fact is that you could get 2TB of cloud storage from either Sync.com or pCloud for a lower cost. For example, on the lower end, Sync.com offers 500GB for only $4.08 per month while pCloud is a few cents lower at $3.99 per month. On the other hand, running both ends of the size spectrum for comparison, Dropbox runs $9.92 for 1000 GB whereas Google Drive has a low-priced 100GB for only $1.99 monthly.

The cloud service industry over the last five has shown us one important fact. That is that the cheaper the service is, the more likelihood of it going out of business fairly soon. That old adage that if it looks too good to be true, well, then it probably is just that. Those lifetime offers of unlimited cloud storage services are a perfect example. Any decent but low-priced service will run approximately $10 per month. That won’t give you an unlimited amount of cloud space but generally around 1TB. This should be enough for storing documents, photos, and videos.

Sync.com is one of the top services compared for this HiDrive review. They even offer a 2TB storage plan for under $10 per month. The service also offers exceptional security, which Dropbox and HiDrive don’t.

All in all, we recommend that you forgo the cheapest cloud service that is being offered and evaluate each one separately for both price, function, and value. Then, you can choose carefully based on all of the other product reviews in addition to the data in this HiDrive review.

Our Verdict

The two different portals and pricing plans made signing up for HiDrive a little complicated. Fortunately, they recently changed that and now there’s only one. Unfortunately, however, the complications don’t end there. The web GUI makes things a bit chaotic and their security protocol is not the best. All of those initial issues aside, our HiDrive review research found the following:

  • It’s a decent, albeit somewhat uninspired service.
  • It offers a number of sharp features.
  • It’s features really aren’t quite advantageous enough for standing up to the competition.

If you’ve tried the HiDrive Cloud Storage service, please share your impression of it, too. Leave your own, brief HiDrive review in the comments below!

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