IBackup Cloud Storage Service Review

IBackup is one of many in the sea of cloud backup solutions. Choosing the best cloud backup solution for you or your business can be tough. And that’s why we believe this IBackup review will provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice.

ibackup review

IBackup is a backup solution focused on blazing speed and specifically on small businesses and enterprise customers. Personal users would probably find better prices and benefits by looking elsewhere. For the purposes of this IBackup review, we will mainly focus on business users.

IBackup – General Info

IBackup is a business-focused plan perhaps best targeted at small businesses with a small to moderate amount of data to back up. As mentioned above, this IBackup review will focus on business users because of this. They offer a very simple pricing structure based on the amount of storage you need, much like many other competitors in the business backup sector.

Their claim to fame is a multi-level backup system that can be done through both physical media and cloud storage. And their software and customer service departments will help you with all of it in order to ensure you’re fully secure. You can even order backups on physical media from them to get that extra layer of security.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
10 GB $99.50/yr 10 GB Discounts available for 2-year purchase, 15-day trial
20 GB $199.50/yr 20 GB Discounts available for 2-year purchase, 15-day trial
50 GB $499.50/yr 50 GB Discounts available for 2-year purchase, 15-day trial
100 GB $999.50/yr 100 GB Discounts available for 2-year purchase, 15-day trial
200 GB $1999.50/yr 200 GB Discounts available for 2-year purchase, 15-day trial

Their pricing is really confusing. Every time the site is accessed it gives a “limited time” promo offer that’s conveniently only available until the end of whatever day you’re accessing on. Yeah, one of those. According to the “promo”, the 10 GB plan is upped to 500 GB. This goes all the way down to the 200 GB plan. Which is actually 10,000 GB if you buy before the end of the day this IBackup review is being written on. But really this is probably a marketing tactic, and these prices per GB are probably the actual plans, so check out their website to see what’s being offered to you specifically.

IBackup In-Depth Review

Having looked at the service from a price standpoint, now we’ll take a look at some of the features of IBackup in this review in depth to fully assist you in knowing if this service is right for you and your business.

With these cloud storage services, there are several metrics that are crucial to your decision-making process. We’ll be looking at security, backup, restoration, and additional or advanced features offered by the service. Then, we’ll sum up in a pros and cons section underneath.

File Backup

IBackup has a really simplistic software application that’s available on PC, Mac, and Linux. You simply select the folders you wish to backup and click a few buttons. The software takes care of it from there. It’s really easy and only takes a few simple clicks that can be handled by someone of almost any PC skill level, which is nice to see.

The software automatically monitors those folders you selected and takes care of future changes like file additions and changes to files as well. External drives are also supported in their software.

File Restoration

Restoration is just as simple as backing up. The little sidebar on the left of the software window has a “Restore” button which can be clicked to access the restoration menu. From there, you just select the files or folders to restore and where to put them. The software will then take care of it all for you from there. Restoration scheduling can also be done, which may be helpful if you want to schedule it to run overnight or whenever your business is closed. The web interface can also be used to restore files.

Another service offered is IBackup Express, which will ship your backup to you on physical media free of charge (with an active plan).


IBackup’s security meets the industry standards but isn’t anything special compared to some plans out there with more of a security focus. All data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption during both transfer and storage.

IBackup also supports personal encryption keys, an extra security layer becoming more popular that ensures no one at IBackup can read your files. These keys are becoming more standard in the industry. With a lot of public concern over data being able to be read by anyone at the company you entrust with your data, so it’s reassuring to see it here.

Advanced/Other Features

IBackup offers some useful features. One of them already mentioned in this IBackup review is the IBackup Express. It allows you to order physical media with your backups on them. There is also a useful mobile app and great remote management of your files. IBackup Drive creates a sync folder on your computer that works a lot like Dropbox.

An unfortunate “feature” of IBackup is overage charges. IBackup charges $2.00/GB/month in overages when you go over your quota. That’s pretty ridiculous since it would be far easier and ethical to employ a block and perhaps show an ad prompting the user to upgrade their plan before going over.

IBackup Pros & Cons


  • Backs up external and network drives
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile app


  • Confusing pricing plan
  • Overage charges

IBackup – Alternative Options

Backblaze offers business cloud storage plans and B2 plans as well. Their security and features are quite similar to IBackup, but they are known for having quite slow upload and download speeds. Their pricing is, however, very straightforward.

SecureSafe has an emphasis on security, offering advanced security features perfect for handling sensitive data that still needs to be backed up in the cloud. Also, all data is stored in Switzerland, which makes the data not subject to NSA prying for those based in the US. This option is perfect for the paranoid or those with people who would love to get their hands on your company’s IP.

Mozy used to be run by the folks over at VMWare but has now been acquired by Dell. Despite this, they retain much of their autonomy. Mozy has excellent plans for businesses of all sizes. It can be perfect if you are in a growth period and will maybe need to scale your cloud backup needs alongside your booming business. There are all sorts of plans from server-only to backing up every single device on your office network. It can be a bit pricey though.

Our Verdict

While IBackup is a decent option for small businesses needing a simple backup solution, there are some key flaws in this service. The main flaws pointed out in this IBackup review are the coverage charges and the confusing “promo” pricing. The large plan sizes and low cost per GB may just be appealing enough to warrant a look for many. However the shadiness going on behind the scenes warrants some caution if this is a path you wish to walk.

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