iCloud vs Dropbox Cloud Storage Comparison

Dropbox and iCloud are both extremely respected in the cloud storage industry. One big question remains, which service offers more value to consumers? This article will be taking a look at some of the similarities and differences of each platform. Each service offers different device compatibility, storage space, and prices, so read on to learn who wins the iCloud vs Dropbox battle.

Dropbox vs iCloud Overview

Dropbox Storage Service Overview

One of the most popular online storage services, Dropbox offers different plans to individuals or teams that need to store data onto a cloud storage platform. There are individual plans and team plans that provide different amounts of memory space for storing data. One of the main plans of Dropbox is the Dropbox Plus plan. This plan offers individuals the ability to store 1 TB of photos, videos, and projects for just $9.99 per month.

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iCloud Storage Service Overview

One of the neat features about iCloud is that it is already automatically connected to every Apple device on the market. Anytime you take a picture with your device, it can automatically be stored on the free 5GB that iCloud provides as an initial benefit. There are additional plans, including a popular 50GB of storage for just $0.99 per month.

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Dropbox vs iCloud Prices and Features

Dropbox Storage Pricing Plans

Plan Price Storage Allotment
Basic Free 2 GB
Standard $12.50 per month 2 TB
Advanced $20.00 per month Unlimited
Enterprise Not Available Unlimited

iCloud Storage Pricing Plans

Plan Price Storage Allotment
Included Free 5 GB
Most Popular $0.99/mo 50 GB
Lots of Photos $2.99/mo 200 GB
Great for Families $9.99/mo 2 TB

iCloud seems to offer cheaper plans for people that are interested in set amounts of online storage capacity. Dropbox offers larger capacities, but for significantly higher prices. For most people, iCloud seems to make more sense, considering that most people would not need hundreds of gigabytes, and definitely not two terabytes.

iCloud vs Dropbox Security

Both storage services offer significant ways to protect and secure your data on their platform. Dropbox offers customers the opportunity to set a strong password in addition to the option to enable two-step verification. This means that Dropbox will need a six-digit passcode in order to sync a new device to the account. Dropbox also supports the U2F security key, which uses cryptographic communication technology.

When comparing iCloud vs Dropbox, it seems like iCloud also offers two-factor authentication in order to secure data on its cloud storage. iCloud also encrypts stored user data for additional protection measures.

iCloud vs Dropbox Additional Features

iCloud Features

The really cool thing about iCloud is the fact that it is already compatible with any Apple device. This is an extremely impressive claim, considering that millions of people possess Apple mobile devices or tablets. Data can be stored from anywhere in the world onto the iCloud platform with the click of a button. With a wide variety of plans for different storage capacities, iCloud seems like it has all of the features a person could want in order to efficiently store data onto a cloud platform.

Dropbox Features

Dropbox seems to take a slightly different approach, focusing more on multi-network storage capabilities, offering plans for large development teams or groups of people. They also support individuals, and offer different plans for each form of storage required. Dropbox also supports the ability to collaborate in real time. Dropbox is great for large teams and businesses, while still offering services for individual freelancers and solo workers.

iCloud vs Dropbox Pros and Cons

Dropbox Pros and Cons


  • Supports Collaboration and Team Storage Plans;
  • Large Storage Plan Capacities;
  • Supports Two-Step Security Authentication for Enhanced Security;


  • Expensive Compared to iCloud Plans;

iCloud Pros and Cons


  • Integrated into all Apple Devices and Tablets;
  • Great Storage Plans for the Price;
  • Supports Two-Step Security Authentication for Enhanced Security;


  • No Support for Large Teams or Live Collaboration;


There are a number of things that can be learned by comparing iCloud vs Dropbox. The better platform for the value can be unveiled by comparing the costs of different plans and storage features. After taking a look at all of the facts summarized above, it appears that iCloud makes more sense for the average person looking to store large amounts of data for cheap. iCloud has fantastic integration into Apple devices, offers a free 5GB of storage, and has extremely generous plans for large amounts of storage capacity. The storage plans come integrated with impressive security features that are imperative to protect important data.

For large development teams, I would recommend Dropbox because of the collaborative plans and team plans that they offer to the public. This platform appears to focus on teamwork and the sharing of large amounts of data in real time. Depending on what your intentions are, either platform may be right for you. This iCloud vs Dropbox storage comparison has unveiled the services that each storage company offers. Each website offers a different interface and experience, some of which certain people may like, while others may not. It is important to find the right storage platform for your needs, as they may differ from someone else’s.

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