KNOWHOW Cloud Storage Service Review

Choosing the right cloud storage to backup your sensitive files and photos can be tricky given the vast sea of cloud storage providers out there these days. There are tons of them with feature sets that cater to different needs and different people. In this KNOWHOW Cloud review, we’ll be taking a look at one of these well-known providers and comparing it to similar products out there on the market.

knowhow cloud review

KNOWHOW – General Info

KNOWHOW Cloud is kind of a strange animal. It’s not something you can just go to their website and pay for and manage everything right from your browser. Nope. You have to buy this one from a retailer and then register the CD Key on their website.

Even then, you can’t do anything online. Everything is managed through their software application that you install on your PC’s hard drive. KNOWHOW’s software runs on Windows and only Windows, so sorry other platform users, you’re out of luck. They do, however, have mobile apps for all the major smartphone operating systems and support backing up pictures and files from mobile.

Plans & Pricing

With KNOWHOW, don’t expect to pay much. It’s one of their strongest points. They are far cheaper than most of the competition. Their yearly pricing plans factor in about as expensive as most competitors’ monthly price. If you’re looking for a cheap solution to get it done without too much of an investment, KNOWHOW may be the right choice for you and your wallet.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Cloud 200 GB $19.15/yr 200 GB 2 devices, no file sync
Cloud 2 TB $38.30/yr 2 TB 5 devices, file sync
Cloud 4 TB $63.85/yr 4 TB 10 devices, file sync

KNOWHOW In-Depth Review

This section of our KNOWHOW Cloud review will take a look at all of the features offered by this service so you can best make a decision if this storage solution is right for you. We’ll be looking at the file backup function, restoration, security, and other additional features offered. Then, we’ll sum everything up in a pros and cons list for easy reference.

File Backup

Backup is performed through the software application installed onto your Windows PC. The software itself isn’t overly complicated to use, but it’s a bit behind the times. There’s no drag-and-drop functionality or easy way to back up single files. It’s intended to be used to choose folders to back up and then leave it alone.

For mobile, the functionality in the app is similar. Choose what you want to back up and let it go. There are no options for individual files or anything like that. For some reason though, the app no longer seems to be able to back up newer versions of Android. Perhaps the app is out of date.

It’s also worth noting that the backup speed with KNOWHOW is slow. Really slow. It will take a very long time to do your initial backup if you have a lot of files to store.

File Restoration

File restoration is done through the same interface as the backup under the “Restore” tab. Restoration lets you quickly select the files you want to restore and set where to restore them. Again, then you just wait. And wait you shall. Restoration doesn’t proceed much faster.

Files can also be accessed on mobile devices through the use of the mobile app. They cannot be downloaded onto the device at will, but you can open them. If they are music or pictures, you’ll be able to listen to or view them respectively. The app is not the greatest in terms of functionality, but it gets the job dome.

Files can also be viewed online through a web browser but can not be backed up in such a fashion.


There is no information given about the specific type of encryption used. Their website states they use “military grade encrypted UK based data centers” to house your files. Without specifics, one can only speculate. The military grade would imply some type of AES encryption at rest, probably 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. There is no information available to speculate whether your information is encrypted end-to-end. It probably is, but it’s never safe to assume.

If security is something deeply concerning to you, you should be wary of KNOWHOW. These days, transparency means everything, and they are not transparent in what methods are used to secure your data.

Advanced/Other Features

There’s not much to be offered in terms of extra features. The mobile apps were mentioned previously in this KNOWHOW Cloud review, and they aren’t much. The two higher-tiered plans offer file syncing between devices, which will make the same files available locally and synced between devices. Additional devices are also supported by these higher-tiered plans.

It’s possible to share files with friends and family by providing download links to them. These links will connect to your cloud storage and not eat up your own bandwidth.

All plans come with 24/7 online, email, and phone support which is nice. It’s more than some competitors provide, and it’s nice to know you can get a hold of them if you need to.

KNOWHOW – Pros & Cons

Here we’ll summarize all the points discussed in this KNOWHOW Cloud review into an easily scannable pros and cons list.


  • They provide 24/7 customer support.
  • You can share files.
  • It’s extremely cheap.


  • Android app doesn’t back up properly
  • The backup speed is really slow.
  • The software has limited functionality and is outdated.

KNOWHOW Alternative Options

CrashPlan offers unlimited backup at a reasonable price. It’s more expensive than what we’ve presented in this KNOWHOW Cloud review to be sure, but the extra money comes with openness about security and unlimited storage. You also get an interface that works much better and a wealth of additional features.

Carbonite is another major player in the game. They also offer unlimited backups. Their mobile apps and online tools are much more refined. They’re a little on the pricey side, but they have good security and a fast backup.

Backblaze is another unlimited option. It’s one of the cheapest unlimited options. It’s a little slow, like KNOWHOW, but if you’re on a budget and still need a lot of storage space, this is a great way to go.

Our Verdict

KNOWHOW has the right idea, but the wrong execution. Their tools and distribution feel like they haven’t caught up with the times. The Android app no longer works and seems way out of date. Their backup speeds are also some of the slowest in the industry.

Like we mentioned throughout this KNOWHOW Cloud review, it just seems they need to invest more into improving their infrastructure and utilities, and until they do that it’s hard to recommend them. If you need a lot of storage for a super cheap price, maybe you can swing it. But honestly, it’s worth paying a bit more for other features and knowing what security you’re getting.

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