Livedrive Cloud Storage Service Review

In this article, we will be looking at Livedrive, a relatively new addition to the cloud service market. Our Livedrive review will focus on the features that make Livedrive stand out among its competitors. We will also assess how well it performs with respect to basic cloud storage features, such as file backup and security.

Livedrive Cloud Storage Service – General Info

At first glance, Livedrive isn’t all that different from your garden-variety cloud storage service. And, indeed, it seems Livedrive doesn’t go out of its way to dazzle you with advanced features. However, as the most recent cloud service, Livedrive is trying to incorporate collaboration tools alongside its basic cloud storage package. Still, this is pretty standard for recent cloud services.

What makes Livedrive quite interesting is the way in which they have segmented and priced the features of their service. We will be going into more details about that in the next section of our Livedrive review.

Livedrive Pricing & Plans

As we’ve mentioned in our introductory paragraph, the service offers three types of plans: one designed for individual users, one for SMEs, and one dedicated to online resellers.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
BackupStarting from $6 per monthUnlimited·Easy setup and deployment;· View files from any location;· Data can be encrypted.
BriefcaseStarting from $10 per month2 TB· Sync files from any location;· Share files and folders with friends and family;· Online media streaming;· Appears as a new drive on your PC or Mac.
Pro SuiteStarting from $17 per monthUnlimited· Briefcase functions;· FPT and WebDav features;· Priority support
Business ExpressFrom $35 per month2 TB· Needs at least three users;· Sync files between various platforms;· Share files with people outside of Livedrive;· Sharing portal creation feature;· Set Individual permission;
Business StandardFrom $110 per month10 TB· Needs at least ten users;· Brand portal and sharing pages with the logo;·Data is stored in EU;· Access your files using WebDav, SFTP, and FTP;· Add extra users for $12.10 per month;· Add one extra TB for $6.62 per month.
ResellersStarting from $44,95 per month5 TB· Pay upfront for several years;· Additional backup storage;· Add a NAS or network storage backup for $38.58 per year;· Branding tools;

As you probably noticed in the previous tables, Livedrive pricing plans are somewhat confusing, to say the least. And overall, it is a pretty expensive cloud service. In the following sections of our Livedrive review, we’ll see if the asking price is worth it.

File Backup

Setting up your first Livedrive account is pretty easy. You just have to choose the type of account you want, enter your credentials, and download the appropriate client. All plans come with a 14-day trial period, so you know what you’re actually buying.

This means that the manager has different sections depending on which feature you want to use. So, there’s a window for uploads, another one for settings, and so on.

As file backup is concerned, simply check the folders you want to upload, click the “Begin Upload” button and the manager will do all the heavy lifting.

File Restoration

Restoring files is just as straightforward as the backup process. All you need to do is hit the restore button for the files you want, and they will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

The download speed at which you restore files leaves something to be desired. Even for relatively small files, it can take a few minutes until you get your files. Overall it’s a minor nuisance, but it can get quite frustrating for larger files.


The files you choose to store on the cloud are automatically encrypted with a 256-bit AES key and an additional SSL layer. However, the company does not subscribe to the Zero Knowledge policy, which means that your private files might not be that private.

Additional Features

By default, Livedrive lets you keep the last 30 versions of your files and folders. You can quickly review all versions by right-clicking on the file and selecting “versions”. The manager will display a list containing all the changes made to these files, as well as the appropriate timestamps.

Sharing files and folders with Livedrive is annoyingly simple. As a note, you can’t share any files and folders located in your backup directory. Just the ones stored in your briefcase.

As far as sharing is concerned, you can share your files with your contacts or with people outside your list by simply selecting an item and hitting the “Share” button. The manager will create a download link, which you will need to copy and paste into your favorite com tool.

Unfortunately, the sharing capabilities of the Livedrive end here. The service does not have additional features like social media support or one-click download links.

Livedrive Pros and Cons

Livedrive Cloud Storage Service Review


  • Has a wide range of pricing options;
  • Good OS integration;
  • Excellent cross-compatibility features;
  • Diversified offer;
  • Gorgeous mobile apps;
  • Online media streaming available.


  • Pricey;
  • Chaotic UI;
  • Lax security;
  • Poor upload and download speeds;
  • Limited share features;
  • Hidden costs;
  • Cannot restore full directories;
  • Cannot upload individual files;
  • You need to enter a credit card number to start the free trial.

Livedrive Alternative Options

If you are looking for a cloud storage solution that features integrated collaboration tools, you might find OpenDrive a solid alternative to Livedrive. We talked at length about OpenDrive’s collaboration tools in our OpenDrive review.  The main advantage OpenDrive has over Livedrive is that its collaboration tools are part of the base package.

Another great Livedrive alternative is pCloud. pCloud may not have the same vast number of additional features as Livedrive. But, as we discussed in our pCloud review, it does have enhanced security features. And pCloud is somewhat cheaper than Livedrive, with a generous free cloud storage offer.

Our Verdict

To sum up our Livedrive review, we must say this cloud storage solution still needs to polish some of its features for it to be truly outstanding. It would help if the pricing plans were a little bit more straightforward. As it stands, we would recommend Livedrive only for small businesses. As a personal cloud solution, Livedrive is a bit too expensive, with a lot of advanced features that might be unnecessary. There are plenty of alternatives, such as SugarSync, Dropbox, or Touro. By contrast, for large businesses, Livedrive might not be enough. Still, it’s a very promising cloud service with a lot of potentials.

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