Details And Specifications In Using Cloud Provider LiveDrive

Livedrive – the Fastest Growing Cloud Storage Company is one of the fastest growing online backup and cloud storage companies we have today. This UK-based company was started in December 2008. Merely 10 years into the business, it has exponentially grown with millions of users around the world.

At first glance, there is nothing special that makes Livedrive different from the ordinary cloud storage services. And indeed, it seems the company does not go out of its way to dazzle users with top-of-the-line advanced storage features.

However, like most up-to-date cloud services, Livedrive is trying to incorporate its basic cloud storage packages with convenient collaboration tools. One of the main advantages of Livedrive is the unlimited amount of storage it offers. With this service, you never have to worry about going over any limits.

Here’s everything you need to know about Livedrive:

Looking at Livedrive’s Interface – 3 Options

1. Desktop Interface 

Livedrive’s desktop app is simple and user-friendly. However, users who like tweaking every aspect of a software’s features may feel a little bit left out. You cannot micromanage things like backup intervals and notifications. Furthermore, the desktop version lacks a search function and does not allow users to share or preview files.


2. Web Interface 

Compared to the desktop app, the web app is a little bit more featured. If you have a “Briefcase” account, you can edit, share, and collaborate on documents and photos.

Even better, a “Search” tab is available for easy navigation, videos and images have thumbnail previews, and you can stream videos directly from your cloud storage. Moreover, if you purchased a “Briefcase” plan, you can directly post items on Flickr and Facebook.

With any internet-connected device, you can access and restore files using this web version.

3. Mobile Interface

The mobile app is the most intuitive of the bunch. It automatically backups your videos and photos from your phone’s local storage at no extra cost. All other types of files can be backed up manually.

Additionally, videos, music, and photos can be previewed and played in the app. However, there is no way to preview text files.

Livedrive’s Options, Costs, and Plans

Livedrive does not offer a free backup plan to its users. However, it has a free 14-day trial period for new subscribers. It’s worth noting that your payment information will be requested beforehand to activate the free trial, but you will not be charged until the trial period is over.

Livedrive offers a number of unlimited plans. Each of the plans can be purchased in one of the following ways:

1. Livedrive Backup is the most affordable option. It offers unlimited storage to back up files from only one computer.

The price options include $8 per month or $84 per year (roughly $7 per month). You also get a discount for purchasing a full 2 years of service. You can add more computers for an extra $1.50 per month for each computer.

2. Livedrive Pro Suite 

The plan also offers unlimited backup space. However, instead of one computer, it lets you backup up to 5 computers.

Its price options include $25 per month or $240 per year (roughly $20 per month). And just like the Backup Plan, you get a discount for purchasing a full 2 years of service and can add more computers at an extra charge of $1.50 per month for each computer.

Even better, the Pro Suite plan also comes with the “Briefcase” which offers you 5TB of cloud storage. If this is still not enough, you buy more at an extra cost of $8 per month for every additional 1TB.

3. Livedrive Briefcase

The difference between the regular Pro Suite backup and the Briefcase is that files are not backed up automatically – for Pro Suite backup, you have to do it manually. The Briefcase can be treated like another hard drive and everything you save on your PC is uploaded to the 5TB account.

All files in your Briefcase will be automatically copied to other computers in which you have attached your cloud account. Additionally, you can share files from your Briefcase and easily copy them from your Pro Suite backup account to your Briefcase.

The Briefcase can also be bought without the Pro Suite plan. If you do this, you will only get 2TB of backup space.

The price options include $16 per month or $156 per year (roughly $13 per month). If it is purchased with the Backup plan, the 2TB is included at this price rate. You can also upgrade your Briefcase at an extra cost of $8 per month for every 1TB increment.

4. Livedrive Business 

For business purposes, the is more convenient. It is designed to support cloud collaboration for more users and offers more storage space. It has a central admin control panel, file sharing capabilities, FPT access, and more.

The Business Express plan costs $50 monthly and comes with 2TB of cloud storage. The Business Standard package costs $160 monthly and comes with 10TB of cloud storage.

Security at Livedrive – SSL Encryption ​​​​​

All transfers made to Livedrive’s cloud are protected by SSL encryption. Once on the cloud, the files are encoded using 256-bit AES encryption which prevents hacking of data.

One shortcoming of Livedrive’s security is that the company has access to the key that can decrypt your data. This means that they are able to access your data in cases of coercion by authorities or abuse by hackers. There is no option of setting a private key.

Nonetheless, Livedrive is This means that all your data is stored on geo-redundant servers. As a result, even if one of the data server centers goes down, your files will be readily available on another server.

The Briefcase isn’t encrypted by default. However, you can choose to encrypt it from the settings panel.

Livedrive’s Speed for Uploads and Downloads

While Livedrive’s most outstanding feature might be the unlimited backup space, you can’t overlook the speed of its service. It is quite fast – you can easily upload up to 30GB per day.

This cloud service does not limit your connections to its serves whatsoever and allows you to throttle your internet speed and download/upload bandwidth.

Unless you have network-intensive operations, like streaming an online game, it is always recommended to keep these settings at their maximum level for quick backups.

Online File Editing and Streaming Songs and Movies

While these features are not offered by many cloud service providers, Livedrive makes them a standard feature for most of its storage plans.

The online editing feature allows you to edit your documents directly from your browser. This is possible using the desktop version. Online file editing is not included in the Backup Plan.

You can also stream songs and movies directly using the web and mobile interface.

30 File Versioning – Recovering Past Versions of a File

File versioning is the ability to recover and back up past versions of a file. This feature does not only allow you to roll back your file to a specific point in time but also gives you a fallback plan in the event your current file is corrupted or infected by a virus.

Livedrive offers users 30 files versioning which is kept for 30 days before a new cycle begins. It ensures your files are protected in every possible way.

Customer Support at Livedrive is Okay

From different customer reviews, the company offers rather decent customer service. They only have a 24/7 email support system.

On their support page, there is an FAQ section, a current issues portal for system notifications and updates, and a knowledge base center. If you have any problems with your account you can submit a ticket which you’ll be able to track for progress.

Sometimes, the support may take days to respond, therefore, you should go through the available resources before you decide to email them. The solution might just be there.

Pros and Cons of Livedrive

Just like any other product, here are some pros and cons that you should consider:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Document and photo editing and collaboration in Pro Suite and Briefcase plans.
  • Streaming videos and music directly from the cloud backup.
  • Versioning of files – it keeps all versions of the files you upload to your account.
  • Easy integration with Facebook. You can drag and drops files from cloud storage directly to your Facebook account and vice versa.
  • You can’t set a private encryption key for extra security.
  • No live or phone chat with the support.
  • Sharing and synchronizing features are not available for basic plans.
  • You cannot schedule your backups.

Our Final Thoughts on LiveDrive

Livedrive may not be the cheapest backup service on the market, but it does have a nice collection of useful features. Furthermore, the flexible plans should make it convenient for you to use them.

However, issues with its stability and security is a deal-breaker to a lot of prospective users. It may work for small businesses but proves to be quite expensive for personal use at home.

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