Mozy Cloud Storage Service Review

Choosing the best cloud storage provider to secure your precious data, photos, pictures, and more is an incredibly important decision. You’re trusting this service with your precious memories, your work, and more. Maybe you also want some great extra features. This Mozy review will take a look at the popular cloud provider and analyze it on its usability and features provided.

mozy review

Mozy – General Info

Mozy is a popular cloud backup option now owned by Dell. They offer different solutions for all sorts of customers, individuals, and businesses. Mozy also has very simple pricing plans that are easy to understand and offer the option to add support for multiple devices.

They have apps for Windows PCs and mobile devices. Their software is built around the set it and forget it type of backup, where you choose what to sync and let backups run automatically. Your files are then accessible from any PC or mobile device via app or web interface. There is also a file sync app that adds a Dropbox-style sync folder.

Plans & Pricing

Mozy has 3 types of plans: Home, Pro, and Enterprise, each at a reasonable amount, depending on the storage space you need. But the cloud storage service also offers a free version of their MozyHome package. MozyHome Free starts with 2 GB of storage, which you can increase by referring friends to the service. As for their paid plans, we take a closer look at them in our Mozy review.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
MozyHome $5.99/mo, $9.99/mo 50 GB and 1 device, 125 GB and 3 devices Sync folder, additional computers, and space can be purchased
MozyPro $13.98 – $400+/month 10 GB – 4 TB Unlimited devices and servers, network devices supported
MozyEnterprise Custom Custom Training provided, high-level support, managed services option

Mozy In-Depth Review

In this part of the Mozy review, we will discuss all of the features of this software in depth to give the full picture of this software and help you determine if it’s right for you or your business. We’ll be looking at the backup, restoration, security, and other features provided and comparing them to the competition.

File Backup

Backup is simple with Mozy. They provide a desktop application that you can use to choose the files and folders to back up. Then you simply set it up and let it go. After the initial sync, files and folders will only update as you add or delete files.

The upload speeds are quite fast when compared to the competition, which should be expected from a company backed by Dell. Your backups should upload fairly quickly.

Deleted and changed files are kept for 30, 60, or 90 days depending on your plan type. These previous versions do not count against your max storage allotment.

File Restoration

Restoration is done through the restore wizard. There are three options to recover your files. The first is to download using their software, which allows you to choose a location and restore paused or disconnected downloads. You can also download them as a compressed archive (ZIP) file. The final option is to have them ship you your files on physical media, which will, of course, involve an additional charge.

There is a possibility to restore deleted items in your chosen restore option as well, which is, of course, a good thing for recovering accidental deletion. As mentioned earlier in this Mozy review, files will only be kept for up to 90 days, so keep that in mind.


Security is a great point for Mozy. If you let Mozy manage your encryption keys, it will store your files with 448-bit Blowfish encryption, which is better than what most of the competition offers.

They also provide a zero-knowledge option for those who like to manage their own encryption key. You set your own key and are responsible for keeping track of it. But as a result, even the people at Mozy cannot access your files even if they want to. Files secured in such a manner are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. The Mozy Sync app also includes support for your private key.

There is no two-factor authentication, which is a bit of a downer if you want extra security. But if you’re managing your own keys this isn’t that much of a downer.

Advanced/Other Features

Mozy has Mozy Sync, which creates a sync folder similar to Dropbox or Google Drive that you can sync between all of your enabled devices and access via the mobile app. The app has a lot of options like bandwidth limiting, notifications, and sync status bars.

Mozy also offers features like network filters, email alerts, and backup histories. Business options include additional features like NAS backup, external drives, and server backup. Business plans also include additional support, with enterprise options offering full support and even training programs for employees.

There’s also the 2xProtect feature, which keeps both local and cloud backups of your data, ensuring your data is safe and possibly enabling a cloud restoration in the event you lose the data on your primary machine.

Mozy – Pros & Cons

We will now summarize Mozy’s main features in a pros and cons list for an easy, facts-only Mozy review. It’s best to keep all of these in mind when you decide if Mozy is the service for you.


  • They have excellent and professional support.
  • Additional storage and computers can be added as needed.
  • The business plans are very competitive.


  • The personal plans run a little expensive and lack some features.
  • The overall interface is out of date.

Mozy Alternative Options

CrashPlan is a great option for individuals, with reasonable pricing and unlimited storage. It’s hard to go wrong. Their business plans are also very competitive, with feature sets that might appeal more than Mozy to some.

While not a great choice for businesses, Backblaze is great for individuals. They offer unlimited backups and mobile apps to backup and access your files. It’s a little on the slow side, but that reflects well in the low cost.

Those looking for collaboration on top of storage, especially in business, should look no further than Tresorit. Tresorit is hailed as the “secure Dropbox”, and very much lives up to that name. Much of the feature set is the same, but they have much more to offer in terms of security.

Our Verdict

Based on what was discussed in this Mozy review, Mozy is a great service that offers good speeds and functionality. Their plans are easy to understand, and they have business plans catering to every level of need.

Overall, individual users are better off with other services as they are cheaper, offer way more storage, and sometimes come with better features. Businesses though will find a lot to love here, and it’s a solid choice for your business backups.

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