MyPCBackup Cloud Storage Service Review

Choosing a proper cloud storage solution has become a necessity nowadays for many individuals and businesses. The problem is picking the right one considering how many different choices there are. This MyPCBackup review will take a look at one of these storage providers and give a thorough analysis aimed at helping you make that decision.

mypcbackup review

MyPCBackup – General Info

MyPCBackup is, more or less, a standard cloud storage solution. Everything about it is blatantly average, and it pretty much just meets the standards in every area.

They focus on individuals and small businesses and have plans ranging from 75 GB to 1 TB. Additional features can be purchased for an additional yearly subscription fee, but at its base level, it’s pretty basic. This may appeal to those who like to keep it simple and may turn away those who like more complex solutions and more control.

Plans & Pricing

The first part of this MyPCBackup review will focus on price and plans. Prices shown here will be based on the cheapest option, which is a 2-year bulk payment. 12-month, 6-month and monthly options are also available at additional costs.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Free Free 1 GB 1 device, no special features
Home/Pro $7.61/mo (billed as $182.64 for 2 yrs) 75 GB 1 device, 24/7 support, 30 versions, sharing
Premium $8.19/mo (billed as $196.56 for 2 yrs) 250 GB 1 device, 24/7 support, 30 versions, sharing
Ultimate $10.69/mo (billed as $256.56 for 2 yrs) 1 TB 1 device, 24/7 support, 30 versions, sharing

Overall, the prices are pretty standard for similar services. The cost does get a little high if you choose to pay monthly, though. Also, this will only net you bare-bones features. Additional features will add to your subscription fee. This is a bit disappointing.

MyPCBackup In-Depth Review

Next, this MyPCBackup review will take a look at the features of this service in-depth to best analyze if it is right for you or your business.

File Backup

Backup is as simple as possible by design. It’s a truly simple set it and forget it system for those who don’t know a lot about PCs or businesses, and who don’t have IT teams to help them out. It’s simple enough that almost anyone can do it.

Everything is fully automatic. Simply set up what files and folders to backup, and the app running in the background will take care of the rest. Any changes to files or folders will be automatically synced at the scheduled time. This is a slight step down from real-time syncing, but it shouldn’t be an issue to most users.

File Restoration

Note that while you can only back up files from one device per license, you can access and restore them from any device, which is nice.

Restoration is simple. You simply need to access your cloud storage through one of their apps, select the file or files you wish to restore, and then choose where to restore them too. There’s also a drag and drop feature on the desktop app that makes it even easier since people are often accustomed to using such a mechanism.

Restorations can take some time depending on how many files you have, so remember to budget the time properly. Running a restoration is best done at night, and often the speed is bottlenecked by your own Internet Service Provider and not by the service itself.


One of the truly concerning things about this service is that their security is not explicitly stated anywhere. They claim to offer encryption on storage, which is nice, but they don’t mention anything about the type of encryption used.

They also don’t offer zero-knowledge encryption where the user manages their own security keys. This means the employees at the company or data center could theoretically get a hold of your files and be able to read them. This is generally only a concern for businesses though.

It would put users a bit more at ease if they would state more information about their encryption on their website. It’s hard to fully recommend a service that isn’t up front about that.

Advanced/Other Features

A slew of additional features is offered for an additional yearly payment. This can be disheartening since many competitors offer a lot of these services for free.Some of the services offered are additional licenses, sync folders (think Dropbox), a recycle bin for your files, network and external drive support, file size max upgrades, and increased transfer speeds.

Some of the services offered are additional licenses, sync folders (think Dropbox), a recycle bin for your files, network and external drive support, file size max upgrades, and increased transfer speeds.

Just the fact that they make you pay more for the highest speeds is a little sad. Many services will even offer their free users their max speeds. This really comes across as a money grab by this company. Other MyPCBackup reviews have mentioned similar things.

Service – Pros & Cons

Next, this MyPCBackup review will summarize everything discussed into a pros and cons list.


  • They offer many plans that are clearly priced.
  • Their software is very easy to use.
  • Speeds are good, even without the purchased upgrade.


  • No security specifics are given.
  • You have to pay extra for a lot of additional features.

MyPCBackup Alternative Options

Backblaze offers unlimited storage at similar pricing. They also cover external and network drives at no additional cost. Other features provided are similar, but they are known for poor transfer speeds.

Juggernaut CrashPlan is another alternative option that gets the job done well. Their unlimited plans are well-priced, and their security details are fully disclosed. They have a wealth of extra features and customization options, but with that comes additional complexity.

SpiderOak gets the job done with a focus on security. Their security is one of the highest in the industry, and they do in fact offer the zero-knowledge encryption option for those that don’t want their storage provider even theoretically able to access their data.

Our Verdict

Based on the points discussed in this MyPCBackup review, while MyPCBackup gets the job done and gets it done simply, there are other options that just do it better with similar simplicity. The pricing is fine, but the features are lackluster. Having to pay for additional options that are standard to so many others is a huge turn-off. Also, not disclosing your security plan is a big no-no.

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