OpenDrive Cloud Storage Service Review

If you are currently looking for a tool that combines the functionality of Dropbox and the powerful collaborative features of Asana, then you should definitely check out our OpenDrive review.  If you are looking for a smart cloud storage, backup and restoration solution, Opendrive is without a doubt one of the most professional packages money can buy.

Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool

OpenDrive Cloud Storage Service – General Info

OpenDrive tries to be more than just a secure cloud storage space.  It has a large number of advanced features and collaboration tools that turn this simple cloud solution into a genuine productivity tool.

It also offers ample free cloud storage for personal use. However, even though it is a fairly good cloud solution for home use, OpenDrive truly shines in the business cloud department. Apart from the aforementioned collaboration tools, OpenDrive also offers businesses a host of customization and branding options for their cloud. These tiny details are not vital cloud features. However, adding them is a very nice touch that can make all the difference.

In the following section of our OpenDrive review, we will be taking a look at the pricing plans of this cloud service.

OpenDrive Plans & Pricing

Because the company puts more emphasis on teamwork and productivity tools, all of their pricing tiers are specifically made to accommodate any sort of businesses.

OpenDrive offers plans for business and home use. Each plan is customizable up to a certain point. The overall price of the plan will differ accordingly. The table below shows only the base price of each specific OpenDrive plan. The plans are suitable for those who want to backup or sync files on Linux, Mac, or Windows computers.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Personal (Free) Free 5 GB OpenDrive file size limit: 100 MB;
Auto syncing;
Online tools;
1GB per day bandwidth.
Up to 10 tasks.
Personal (Custom) $5/month or $50/year 500 GB 25 GB daily bandwidth
Unlimited Notes
Personal (Unlimited) $9.95/month or $99/year. Unlimited storage All the features of the Personal Plan;
Unlimited computer access;
File encryption;
Unlimited notes;
Unlimited tasks and projects;
Account User Management features;
Business starting from $7/month/user for the business version Starting from $500 GB Unlimited speed;
Auto syncing;
Unlimited notes;
Up to ten tasks per day;
Account user management tools.

Branding tools.

Enterprise starting at $59.95/month Unlimited Unlimited Tasks
Partner Account

OpenDrive In-Depth Review

After looking at the basic pricing plans offered by OpenDrive, it’s clear the company aims to offer customers a vast range of possibilities and features. In the next part of our OpenDrive review, we will start by taking a look at the most basic features any cloud storage service should have.

File Backup

Backing up your files with OpenDrive is quite easy. You can upload any type of file. However, when it comes to the free version of Opendrive, there’s a 100 MB upload limit.

This means that you will be able to store away your favorite tunes, pictures, and docs. However, it is utterly useless if you want to backup your movies for example. Fortunately, the paid versions do not have a file size upload limit.

Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool

The easiest way to backup files with OpenDrive is by using the drag-and-drop feature, similar to that of Dropbox. You can also open to computer directory, and indicate which files you want to backup.

File Restoration

To restore a file you have saved on OpeDirve, simply go to the cloud manager app. You can select the version of the file you want to restore and download it on your computer.

Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool

To review file versions, simply click on an item and select properties. A new box will appear containing all the versions of that file, as well as timestamps.

You can also download files you have deleted from OpenDrive. You can look for them first in your OpenDrive trash folder. If you have recently emptied your trash, you can call OpenDrive support to retrieve the file. OpenDrive servers will hold all deleted files for up to 30 days.


As a company, Opendrive subscribes to the Zero Knowledge policy. Thus, this means that all your personal information will constantly be under lock and key, and the only one who will be able to access it will be you.

Moreover, this also means that not even the company will be able to access your information after transmission.

Furthermore, to make sure that your data is secured, the company employs several additional layers of security such as 128-bit SSL keys, AES 256-bit keys, UAC support, and HIPAA compliance.

Additional Features

OpenDrive supports file versioning on all its pricing plans. Even the free plan saves up to 10 versions. The paid plans offer up to 90 versions.

Sharing is also one of OpenDrive’s main selling points. In this respect, OpenDrive is pretty lackluster. The sharing function is quite simple and straightforward.

Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool

Upon hitting the “share” button, the manager will automatically generate a single download link, which you will need to share manually on e-mail, Skype or Facebook. Furthermore, it does not have any social media support or other advanced sharing functions like one-click download links or embedding codes.

However, the OpenDrive collaboration tools were genuinely a nice surprise. One of the things we’ve liked about working with OpenDrive is the ability to create various types of documents on the go, without having to use MS Office. You can opt between spreadsheets, docs, presentations or simple sticky notes.

Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool

OpenDrive’s syncing features are equally impressive. And to top it all off, we need to mention OpenDrive’s ‘tasks’ feature. This allows you to create group projects which you can manage in much the same way you would with Asana or Slack.

While none of OpenDrive’s advanced features are truly remarkable, the fact that they all come together so well is what makes OpenDrive stand out. The next section of our OpenDrive review all cover the strengths and weaknesses of this cloud storage service.

OpenDrive Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous mobile and desktop UIs;
  • Powerful collaborative tools;
  • Unbeatable prices;
  • Drag-and-drop features;
  • Multimedia streaming;
  • Online document editing;
  • High security;
  • Great cross-platform compatibility;


  • Slow upload and download speeds;
  • Sharing features are somewhat limited;
  • Bandwidth is quite small for cheaper pricing plans;
  • File size limitations can be frustrating;
  • Transfer limit is set to 200 KB (free version);

OpenDrive Alternative Options

Though OpenDrive’s collaboration tools genuinely make it stand out, it is by no means the only cloud storage service to offer these kinds of features. Its main competitor is, naturally, Google Drive. As far as free cloud storage is concerned, with 15 GB storage space, you can argue that Google Drive is a better alternative.

ADrive is another cloud storage service that focuses quite heavily on collaboration and file editing tools. As we’ve mentioned in our ADrive review, these features are becoming increasingly commonplace, and we’re likely going to see more cloud service providers trying to integrate advanced collaboration tools into their product.

Our Verdict

To conclude our OpenDrive review, we can say that we would recommend giving this service a try. The free version of OpenDrive offers you a pretty good overview of what OpenDrive can do. And beyond that, OpenDrive pricing tiers are highly customizable. So if you do decide you want to invest in it further, you have plenty of option to choose from. Please share the thoughts you have on our OpenDrive review in the comment section below. Your input is valuable!

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