Opendrive Review – The Best Collaboration Tool?

If you are currently looking for a tool that combines the functionality of Dropbox and the powerful collaborative features of Asana, then you should definitely check out our Opendrive review.  As a cloud storage, backup, and restoration solution, Opendrive or Open Drive is, without a doubt, one of the most professional packages money can buy.

Opendrive Review – An Overview

As we’ve mentioned before, Opendrive exceeds its primary function as a cloud storage service. With Opendrive you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Backup documents, files, folders, and media files from your computer or network;
  • Restore files from the cloud;
  • Review the version of each file;
  • Share files and folders with your groups, contacts or with people who are not using Opendrive;
  • Create and edit notes, docs, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time, by using the Web Doc Editor;
  • Set tasks, assign people, overview progress, and create projects;
  • Share tasks;
  • Add priorities;
  • Add comments and various annotations;
  • Embed photos and videos;
  • Watch movies and play songs via online streaming;
  • Schedule backups.

You can clearly see that Opendrive tries to take advantage of every productivity tool on the market. Frankly, the first time we’ve opened the Web UI, we had the distinct impression that we’ve somehow mistyped the address and ended up in a minimalistic version of Asana. Fortunately, that was not the case with Opendrive, as you will come to see in the following sections.

Opendrive Review – Plans & Pricing

Because the company puts more emphasis on teamwork and productivity tools, all of its pricing tiers are specifically made to accommodate any sort of business.

As a general observation, Opendrive has four major plans: two designed for personal use, one for SMEs, and a customizable version.

PlanPricingStorage AllotmentFeatures
PersonalFree5 GB· Opendrive size limit: 100 MB;·Auto syncing;· Online tools;· 1GB per day bandwidth.· Up to 10 tasks.
Personal$12.95/month/user. You can also add more users for an additional fee.Unlimited storage· Redundant backup;· Unlimited bandwidth speed;·Unlimited file versioning;·Unlimited file size;·Up to 10 tasks.
Business$29.95/user/month. You can add up to 1000 users for an extra fee.Unlimited storage· Unlimited bandwidth;·Unlimited files size;·Unlimited computer access;·File encryption;· Unlimited notes;· Unlimited tasks and projects;· Account User Management features;·Branding tools.
Custom (Business or Personal)$6/month/user for the personal version and $7/month/user for the business version. You can add up to 999 users for an extra fee.From 500GB to 100TB per month· Unlimited speed;·Auto syncing;·Unlimited notes;·Up to ten tasks per day;·Account user management tools.

Registration And First Look

Creating your first Opendrive is as easy it gets. Just head over to, select your type of plan, hit the “Get Started” button, enter your credentials and you’re done. Within seconds, you will be taken to Opendrive’s online manager, where you will be able to upload your first files and folders.

Although the registration process was easy enough, we did not appreciate the fact that the registration form did not provide any tips regarding how you can create a strong password. Furthermore, during registration, we also did not see any password strength calculator. Still, a password strength calculator is not that important, but it does give an extra hint of color.

Once your account is up and running, you will be able to enjoy the unleash the raw power of this cloud storage service. To start uploading your files and folders, simply select the “upload” icon or drag-and-drop the items in the appropriate folder.

By default, the manager will be divided into four major folders: documents, music, pictures, and public folders. However, you can change the names at locations of these folders anytime you wish, or you can create new ones altogether.

Opendrive Review – File Backup

In regards to file backup, the manager can help you store virtually any manner of files, from media, all the way up to documents. However, when it comes to the free version of Opendrive, there’s a 100 MB upload limit.

This means that you will be able to store away your favorite tunes, pictures, and docs, but it is utterly useless if you want to back up your movies. Fortunately, the paid versions do not have a file size upload limit.

Furthermore, another piece of good news is that the Web UI has an integrated video and music player for you to enjoy your favorite tunes and movies without having to open the computer or any devices.

As far as file backup is concerned, you can start backing up your stuff to the cloud either by drag-and-dropping them in the upload box or by opening your computer’s directory.

Opendrive Review – File Sharing

Regarding sharing, we have to say that compared to its major competitors like Dropbox, Touro or Mediafire, Opendrive is lackluster. This means that you will be able to share your favorite stuff with your contacts, but it’s pretty basic, to say the least.

Upon hitting the “share” button, the manager will automatically generate a single download link, which you will need to share manually on e-mail, Skype or Facebook. Furthermore, it does not have any social media support or other advanced sharing functions like one-click download links or embedding codes.

Opendrive Review – File Restoration

By default, Opendrive will save ten versions of each file. The main difference between the free version and the paid version is that the first one has a limit of 10 versions, while the latter lets you save up to 90 separate versions of each file.

To review file versions, simply click on an item and select properties. A new box will appear containing all the versions of that file, as well as timestamps.

Opendrive Review – Additional Features

As we’ve mentioned in the introductory paragraph, there is more to Opendrive than it meets the eyes. Apart from the basic backup and restoration functions, Opendrive has some outstanding collaboration and productivity tools.

One of the things we’ve liked about working with Opendrive is the ability to create various types of documents on the go, without having to use MS Office. You can opt between spreadsheets, docs, presentations, or simple sticky notes.

But Opendrive doesn’t stop here. So, apart from being able to create docs, you can also edit them and invite other people to do the same. Thanks to its impeccable syncing technology, you will get the distinct impression that the person editing the document is right next to you.

Regarding productivity, Opendrive has another cool feature entitled “tasks”. What’s up with this function, you ask? Let’s put it this way: imagine that you have a team with five members, and you wish to assign a couple of simple tasks such as crop an image, rewrite an article, or proofread a document.

You can use the tasks section to create a project, tasks, subtasks, and assign them to your coworkers. Opendrive also has powerful task tracking functions, allowing you to oversee the progress of the assigned tasks without having to use any additional tools.

Like in Asana, your co-workers will be able to mark tasks as completed, reschedule their tasks, and more. With Opendrive, you will basically have unlimited control over what goes on at work.

Furthermore, another thing we’ve liked about Opendrive is that you can create and assign people to a workgroup, just like you can on Dropbox.

Mobile Features And Other Apps

During our Opendrive review, we have discovered, much to our surprise, that this cloud-based storage solution can be downloaded and used on multiple platforms. Frankly speaking, we would encourage you to use the Web-based platform and the mobile apps.

The desktop client is decent enough to satisfy your needs, but it’s pretty clumsy and hard to work within the first place. Regarding platforms, Opendrive is compatible with Microsoft Windows (we’ve tested it on Windows 10, but it supports older versions of Windows as well), Mac OSX, Android, iOS, and even with the WordPress package.

As far as mobile platforms are concerned, Opendrive works flawlessly on Android and iPhone, and, from what we could tell it has no problem running on a Mac.

Opendrive Security

As a company, Opendrive subscribes to the Zero Knowledge policy. This means that all your precious information will constantly be under lock and key, and the only one who will be able to access it will be you.

Moreover, this also means that not even the company will not be able to access your information after transmission.

Furthermore, to make sure that your data is secured, the company employs several additional layers of security such as 128-bit SSL keys, AES 256-bit keys, UAC support, and HIPAA compliance.

Opendrive Review – Upload And Download Speeds

Although it may be considered slower than its competitors, Opendrive has managed to squeeze 177 Mbps during our preliminary upload speed tests, and a whopping 9.7 MB per second during the download speed tests.

However, one of the things that we didn’t like about Opendrive is that it has a speed limit and an upload size limit. The Overdrive speed limit doesn’t get beyond 200 KB per second, while the upload size limit doesn’t beat 100 MB for the free version.

Opendrive Review – Pros & Cons


  • Gorgeous mobile and desktop UIs;
  • Powerful collaborative tools;
  • Unbeatable prices;
  • Drag-and-drop features;
  • Multimedia streaming;
  • Online document editing;
  • High security;
  • Great cross-platform compatibility.


  • Slow upload and download speeds;
  • No OS integration;
  • Limited sharing features;
  • No support for machines running Linux;
  • Limited bandwidth;
  • Limited file size;
  • Transfer limit is set to 200 KB (free version).

Our Verdict

As part of our Opendrive review, we’ve managed to test out all of Opendrive’s key functions. In our opinion, Opendrive is better suited as a cloud business solution than as a personal cloud. With powerful collaboration tools and affordable pricing tiers, Opendrive is a great choice for companies who tend to put teamwork above everything else.

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