pCloud Storage Service Review

Launched in 2013, pCloud is a dynamic and ambitious new entry to the cloud storage space. Already featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc., the company has manged to attract big clients like Coca Cola, Uber, BMW and Twitter. Very secure and user-friendly, pCloud offers 10GB for free with optional private encryption. They also offer the PCloud Transfer service that allows any user to send large files for free. In this this pCloud review, we will take a closer look at all their features.

pCloud – General Info

pCloud is an exciting new entry into the realm of cloud storage services. Their focus is on file sharing and access anywhere, with a mobile app (pCloud for Android) that offers easy music and video streaming from your cloud storage. Automatic upload will sync all of your photos and videos. Selective sync is available on the desktop, meaning you can sync any folder on your desktop. In fact, it’s cloud-only, and will not place a synced folder on your computer.

For an additional monthly fee, pCloud Crypto offers client-side encryption, to ensure your data can’t be read by anyone but you and the people you authorize. They also integrate with all your favorite web services like Facebook, Picassa, WordPress, and Instagram. Read on our pCloud review to learn what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Plans & Pricing

In this part of our pCloud review will analyze the pricing and plans offered by this cloud storage provider. The pricing of pCloud’s services is very competitive indeed. A nice thing about them is that they offer basically all of their features, except encryption via Crypto to their free users as well. What you’re paying for is simply more storage space and more download bandwidth for file sharing. The recent pCloud Lifetime plan is super affordable, and eliminates the biggest risk of external drives – the risk of losing your files.

pCloud Transfer is a free service offered by pCloud that allows any user to transfer up to 5 GB to up to 10 recipients. Using this service does not even require registration. Pretty cool!

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Basic Free 20 GB storage, 50 GB download traffic from shared links Mobile and desktop app, SSL transfer security, unlimited file size, file versioning, link sharing (up and down), integrations
Premium Monthly $4.99/mo 500 GB storage, 500 GB download traffic from shared links Same as Basic plan
Premium Annual $3.99/mo 500 GB storage, 500 GB download traffic from shared links Same as Basic plan
Premium Lifetime $175/one-time payment 500 GB storage, 500 GB download traffic from shared links Same as Basic plan
Premium Plus Monthly $9.99/mo 2 TB storage, 2 TB download traffic from shared links Same as other plans
Premium Plus Annual $7.99/mo 2 TB storage, 2 TB download traffic from shared links Same as other plans
Premium Plus Lifetime $350/one-time payment 2 TB storage, 2 TB download traffic from shared links Same as other plans

pCloud In-Depth Review

In this section of the pCloud review, we’ll go over the different aspects of this service so that you can make an informed decision about pCloud.

File Backup

PCloud backup is pretty simple. Through the PCloud desktop app, you can choose individual folders or drives on your computer to back up. There is no “sync folder” created on your computer, so your files will live exclusively in the cloud. Any changes to your folders will be automatically updated in the cloud as well, provided the pCloud app is running. This makes it possible to back up entire machines, but with only 2 TB offered as a maximum, it might be hard for most.

On mobile, PCloud’s automatic backups shine. Videos and photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, making it a great all-around backup app for mobile and desktop users alike. Not having to even think about backing them up makes it a great replacement for whatever default cloud backup your device uses. Intelligent search like that offered by Google Photos would have been nice to see, however.

File Restoration

Files can be restored simply by downloading them. The PCloud app makes this pretty simple with the ability to download individual files or entire folders all at once. There is no drive mirroring per se or anything like that. So, you’d have to just go through, and manually select what you want rather than just performing a one-click restore of an entire system or drive. The company has recently introduced the pCloud Rewind, an option that allows users to go back up to 30 days in the past, and restore or download previous versions of files.


Security is an area that falls a bit flat in this pCloud review. All customers, even free ones, get SSL transfer encryption, which is nice. However, if you want data encryption, you’ll need to pay an additional monthly $4.99 charge to activate pCloud Crypto, their client-side encryption service. The good thing about Crypto though is that it’ll work on the mobile app as well, making sure your data are absolutely secure. If you’re willing to shell out for it, the encryption is top-notch.

Advanced/Other Features

Aside from the pay-to-access encryption, pCloud offers in-app audio and video streaming. Those alone make it worth considering as a powerful mobile option and alternative to Google cloud services like Google Play Music, for example.

PCloud file sharing is fairly strong, but there are no means to customize permissions for files. If someone has access to a file, they can do whatever with it, including editing it. At least file versioning is a potential savior. It’s kind of unusual since sharing is such a big part of their system. A saving grace is integrations. The pCloud app integrates very well with social apps like Instagram and Facebook.

They’ve got the power users in mind though with no file size limitations. The only limitation you have is your storage pool itself, which, admittedly, caps out pretty low for big data backups. A potential downside lies in their file versioning, which only stores 30 days worth of versions for free users and 180 for paid ones.

A recent, awesome feature of pCloud is the Public Folder. Once you enable this feature in your pCloud account, you will be able to create Direct links to the files, photos or videos that you add to the Public Folder. Another cool functionality is that users can now set passwords and expiration dates to their pCloud download links. Detailed statistics for download links are also available. Another recently introduced functionality is the pCloud Save. This is a truly addictive feature because it allows users to save anything from the Internet directly to their pCloud accounts.

pCloud – Pros & Cons


  • Great mobile app with streaming;
  • Great encryption, if you’re willing to pay;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Free accounts can earn bonus storage;


  • Encryption as an add-on is odd;
  • No collaboration;
  • No permissions customization for sharing;

pCloud Alternative Options

In this section of the pCloud review, we will provide three alternatives that are on par or better than pCloud’s services.


As far as pCloud alternatives are concerned, we just have to mention Dropbox. Because pCloud owes a lot to this popular cloud solution. Like pCloud, Dropbox is super easy to use. It works automatically, and has great integrations with most apps and operating systems. However, pCloud offers a larger array of options for power users relative to Dropbox.


Box is another great alternative to pCloud and Dropbox for that matter. It offers excellent security, it’s quite easy to use, and it has a very good app design. Plus it offers a generous amount of free storage. The one area in which pCloud is definitely a better choice is collaboration, however.


Sync is another great pCloud alternative. Sync’s strong points are fast upload speeds, great support and high levels of data security. On the other hand, Sync doesn’t offer file previews. In addition, decryption speeds tend to be slow. This is the tradeoff for the highly strict security policies. Plus, unlike pCloud, Sync does not have a file sharing feature for mobile devices.

Our Verdict

pCloud is a pretty solid cloud storage service. The security is good, the mobile app is awesome, and the support is top-notch. If you do choose to go with a free plan, you can earn additional storage as well, which is a really nice touch. Overall, it’s a good service, and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows in the future since it’s still quite young. At any rate, we would recommend giving pCloud a shot.

Thank you for reading our pCloud review, and please use the comment form to share your thoughts on pCloud!