Welcome to Cloud Storage Advice’s privacy policy page!

The Cloud Storage Advice personnel stresses both trust and safety for everyone that pays us a visit, so, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, we are fully obliged and committed to making sure both personal and non-personal data are protected from theft. To make this easier, we only take info that is absolutely necessary so that you have full access to our website.

Our team of writers here at CloudStorageAdvice.com has made it their scope to treat each and every visitor with respect, and that implies handling personal info with extreme care. We understand that you take your information seriously and also understand the level of trust you choose to bestow upon internet websites when you do share it. The following Privacy Policy statement is designed to explain to the average user how his information is protected. For any extra questions, contact us at info@cloudstorageadvice.com and we will endeavor to give you adequate, up-to-par answers.

1. Personal Information We Collect

The only instances when we collect personal information is when a user registers an account on our website, subscribes to our newsletter, posts a comment, or tries to contact us through our contact page. In these cases, we will only require that users provide their name and their email address. We do not need these details for anything else than to be able to appropriately respond to these users’ requests, questions, or messages.

Users who do not feel comfortable with displaying their real name may choose to use an alias when commenting on our website.

We do not use your personal information for advertising purposes. You can always have your comments, name or email address deleted from our website/database by sending us a request at info@cloudstorageadvice.com. We will permanently your data within 30 days of receipt of your request.

2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information; Browser and IP Information; Cookies

We collect non-personally identifiable information (such as data related to user’s language, geolocation, landing and exit pages) only for the purpose of improving the website experience. We only use these data as an aggregate, for statistics and analytics. All these data are collected and stored in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, respecting the legal rights of every user. We do not share these data with third parties.

Every time one of our readers accesses CloudStorageAdvice.com we are indirectly gathering some pieces of info about your type of browser and about your IP (internet protocol) address. This information is gathered and stored via cache files known as “cookies.” An internet “cookie” represents data on your computer that put together constitutes your internet ID: every bit of virtual information about you and your device. The info we’re getting includes but is not limited to: the website where you came from and the website where you exit to, your type of browser, and your IP address. Through cookies, CloudStorageAdvice.com understands whether you are online, enhances your browsing experience, and improves the website depending on your specific needs. No personal information is collected through cookies. Every browser can be fine-tuned to reject all cookies from all websites, and to notify you for each individual cookie.

3. Other Sites

Everything that is stated here or on our other pages about our policies applies solely to CloudStorageAdvice.com. In our reviews, blog posts, or news articles we may feature links to external websites which we do not own and upon which we have no control. We do not hold any sort of responsibility for the information that these websites gather about you, your computer, or your browsing experience (through cookies or otherwise). The CloudSotrageAdvice.com team is not responsible in any way about your experience on other websites. We advise users to read in full and understand the privacy policies of other websites before handing over information of a personal nature.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of CloudStorageAdvice.com is subject to change and we may update it from time to time as we see fit. Any changes, be they minor or major, will be posted here on this page.  Any changes in the privacy laws of the United States of America will be duly noted and suitable changes will be implemented.

Lastly, all information given to us by users will be handled in complete accordance with the principles stated here above and we will hold to those ideals that make up the legal basis.

5. Questions

Any and all questions about this privacy policy should be directly addressed to our contact address at info@cloudstorageadvice.com.

This article regarding our Privacy Policy is subject to the Cloud Storage Advice Terms of Use. For a better understanding of the way we work, check out that page as well.