SafeCopy Backup Cloud Storage Service Review

Choosing the best cloud storage provider can be difficult given the vast amount of options available out there. It can be hard to figure out which has the right price and features that fit your needs. The goal of this SafeCopy Backup review is to analyze one of these providers thoroughly to help you make that decision.

safecopy backup review

SafeCopy Backup – General Info

SafeCopy Backup is yet another automatic cloud backup app that has become pretty much a dime a dozen these days. They provide a service that’s really easy to use but severely lacking in features. They do provide, however, 11 languages, fast uploads, external and network drives, restore from anywhere, and file versioning.

Their app and website have kind of a dated look to them, and it becomes clear that these were not focuses for them in development. Hopefully, their cloud storage itself is better because that’s what really matters.

They claim their app is light on system resources and won’t slow down your PC at all, with all of the heavy processing done on SafeCopy servers.

Plans & Pricing

We’ll kick off this SafeCopy Backup review by taking a look at the pricing plans they offer and then later analyzing them in regards to the competition.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Free Free 3GB Additional 500 MB for recommending friends to the service
Starter $50/yr 200 GB External and network drives, versioning, restore from anywhere
500 GB $85/yr 500 GB External and network drives, versioning, restore from anywhere
Supersize $165/yr 1000 GB External and network drives, versioning, restore from anywhere

Overall, the pricing is pretty on par with the rest of the competition. Those that offer limited storage offer similar pricing as well. There are some unlimited options out there for those that need the space that probably comes in a bit cheaper though.

SafeCopy Backup In-Depth Review

Next, this SafeCopy Backup review will take a look at the individual features of this product and assess it on their merits. This will help you be able to easily make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the correct solution for you.

File Backup

Backup is pretty straightforward. After selecting the files and folders to backup, the app will run in the background and take care of the rest. The interface is really easy to use even for beginners, and that honestly should be one of their biggest selling points.

The interface itself isn’t the prettiest and looks quite dated. But although it’s a bit hard on the eyes, it’s easy to navigate and ideally, you’ll only have to look at it a few times while setting everything up.

A few simple clicks are all it takes to set everything up, and from there, their real-time automatic backup will backup automatically whenever you change or add files. Unlimited file versioning will keep old versions of your files on their servers for easy restoration.

File Restoration

File restoration is simple as well. Files can be restored from anywhere and to anywhere. So if you have a file that you backed up on your PC but you’d like that file on your tablet, just fire up the SafeCopy mobile app and you can easily download that file.

From the PC, restoration can be done through the desktop application as well. It can also be done through the web interface. You don’t even need to use the app anymore once your backups are set up. Simply choose the file and where to put it on your device.


Security is where SafeCopy Backup shines. They provide 128-bit AES encryption end-to-end while transferring files. Then, they store data on their servers with military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption. This exceeds the standards of other services.

The only unfortunate point about their security is that they do not offer zero-knowledge encryption. This means you cannot manage your own encryption keys. This could turn off those with very sensitive data and some small businesses. The main benefit of controlling your own keys is that employees at the data center cannot access your files at all because they do not have the keys to decrypt them. That’s why this feature is becoming more and more coveted.

Advanced/Other Features

There aren’t a lot of extras offered by this service, as their focus seems to be on simplicity, but there are some nice things to discuss.

Firstly, they back up external and network drives for free. Competitors might charge for this or just flat-out not support it. This is all part of their one account unlimited devices policy designed to keep costs down for the user. You don’t need software to access backed up files. The web interface works well and can be accessed from any device.

The customer support is average at all tiers. They provide video tutorials and email ticket support. That’s about it. Nothing to really write home about.

SafeCopy Backup – Pros & Cons

Here, the points discussed in this SafeCopy Backup review will be summarized into simple pros and cons lists.


  • The service is easy to use.
  • The pricing is on par with similar services.
  • Unlimited devices and drives can be backed up with one account.


  • There is no unlimited option.
  • Customer support is sub-par.

SafeCopy Backup Alternative Options

CrashPlan is a juggernaut in this industry for a reason. They offer cheap unlimited plans and security you can trust. Their app isn’t the easiest to use though, so some people may have difficulty.

BackupGenie offers simple backups in an interface that looks a bit better than SafeCopy’s. There are also additional options that can be purchased. The downside would be that it’s more expensive and less secure, but the speed and interface might be more appealing to some.

SpiderOak is a similar plan that comes in with similarly great security at a lesser cost than SafeCopy. They offer a free plan to get you started and tend to be very user-friendly. They offer file versioning and unlimited devices as well.

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a solid service based on the points discussed in this SafeCopy Backup review. The only downside is that others might be able to do it better and even cheaper. The lack of features can be a bit of a drag, even for those that like to keep it simple. On the upside, the web interface is very nice and not needing an app for everything might be nice for some, but most would probably be better suited looking at similar alternatives.

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