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Where cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud utilize their own cloud storage, relying on just one can be pricey with space. Managing differing accounts can sometimes be necessary but cumbersome to wield. This is where Storage Made Easy comes in. SME is File Fabric software that allows a user to link up files spread across multiple cloud providers into a single web interface. SME is designed for a person or business who uses multiple clouds and wants to streamline the experience. Here in this Storage Made Easy review, comparisons will be made between SME versions and the overall features will be discussed.

Storage Made Easy – General Info

SME doesn’t utilize any of its own storage but wraps together with other accounts into a single umbrella with enhanced logistical and security features. Among SME-compatible clouds are Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace among others. Through SME, a user can move files from the cloud to the cloud and integrate files into office software like Office 365.

The service has compatible versions for Windows, Mac, or Linux which provide tools not available in the free version. Caches in these versions are also updated in real-time that users can through Storage Made Easy review at their leisure. Along with these features come free mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Plans And Pricing

SME pricing comes in three iterations:

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
Personal$59.99 yearly5GB of Amazon S3Management of up to 30 clouds
Business$5.00 monthly per user10GB of Amazon S3 per userManagement of up to 40 clouds; designed for team sharing of at least 5 users
Business laaS$8.50 monthly per user20GB of Amazon S3 per userCustom branding, more dedicated storage, RackSpace deployable

Storage Made Easy In-Depth Review

The purpose of this Storage Made Easy review is to help consumers make an informed decision on where SME is really the product for them. In this Storage Made Easy Review, the focus will be made on file backup, file restoration, security features, as well as the pros and cons that go with the product. Should a consumer feel as though SME is not for them, Storage Made Easy alternatives will be presented and evaluated. Looking honestly at the product will be integral to this Storage Made Easy review.

File Backup

As stated above, Storage Made Easy does not provide its own file storage but rather links other storage accounts together. Should a user only utilize the storage directly provided directly by SME, the product does supply a certain amount of storage via Amazon S3 as determined by the plans above.

However, using just the Amazon S3 space provided would be defeating the whole point of the product, which is a synchronized community of multiple storage accounts under a single dashboard. Adding accounts is an easy process of drop-down menus either on the GUI or the desktop app and punching in connection details.

File Restoration

As far as restoring files with Storage Made Easy, the File Manager has a Trash folder where files that were accidentally deleted can be retrieved. This feature can also be shut off should the user not want the ability for deleted files to come back.

As far as going further, Storage Made Easy announced in late 2017 the introduction of ForeverFile which specifically protects files from corruption and ransomware by tracking incremental changes and allows IT, representatives, to retrieve lost or deleted files that might have been erroneously erased or altered. Data through ForeverFile is archived continuously, allowing a user to decide on a pre-corrupted version to resurrect for use.


When it comes to security, files will at least partially depend on the storage providers that are being used on Storage Made Easy, but the product is still heavily focused on protecting files. Storage with SME comes with security features that encrypt files and protect them with passwords and time expiry protocols designed to keep malicious agents out.

The zero-knowledge encryption method used by SME, AES 256, is the preferred encryption used by corporations and even national security organizations. With SME’s private encryption, files are protected from scanning for copyrights, marketing data, or government surveillance. SMA also uses a 2FA option to prevent access from unfamiliar sources by requiring additional verification via email or text.

Other Features

Along with the features stated above, SME utilizes a CloudEdit feature which allows a user to track the changes on a downloaded document and then upload those changes on the cloud. SME also provides network drive clients should the need arise for one as well as WebDAV support and sync support.

SME also fully integrates with other programs such as Office 365 and mail services such as Mac Mail and Outlook for a better overview of the product and notifications of events and updates. SME’s dashboard has also developed a widget framework to integrate functions such as Twitter and RSS feeds into the user’s home page.

Storage Made Easy – Pros & Cons

Every product has its good points and bad points. Comparing and contrasting them is key to determining whether a product such as Storage Made Easy is truly for a consumer’s needs.


  • There are numerous cloud providers that are compatible.
  • Security features allow encryption and data retrieval
  • WebDAV support
  • Mobile App access including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone
  • Real-time automatic updates of files


  • As a service that doesn’t actually provide its own storage, its apparatus is at least partially dependent on its subordinates
  • Some features such as the WebDAV and sync support requires extra fees which can be a surprise to a less than observant user
  • Customer service hours are limited to work hours on London Time, putting a strain for international users

Storage Made Easy – Alternatives

Storage Made Easy does have some competition in the field that can provide a different variety of features. Case in point, pCloud is a service that has a moderately more user-friendly apparatus at a slightly cheaper price with more storage space. However, if SME’s big appeal to the user is private encryption, the cloud’s own version is not part of the basic package and requires additional charges.

See: PCloud Storage Service Review

Another competitor,, does have a security system free of additional charges and may even be superior to SME’s. is also cheaper with more storage but lacks any third-party tools. Another option, SpiderOak, likewise provides excellent data backup and private encryption but nonetheless is not as user-friendly and has no mobile backup.

The Verdict

Storage Made Easy is specifically designed for interconnection between multiple storage locations. The system isn’t designed to provide storage, merely to manage it. If someone is looking for an alternative to DropBox or iCloud, they might be surprised and disappointed to know that SME is not exactly that. However, if someone is looking to streamline their interactions with already established programs like Google Drive and Amazon S3 and add an exemplary security apparatus on top of it, SME might just be the product for them. Thank you for reading our Storage Made Easy review! Please share your opinions in the comments below!

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