Sync Cloud Storage Service Review

Sync is an easy-to-use cloud storage solution based in Canada that bills itself as a safer, more secure alternative to Dropbox. They offer competitive pricing and a great free starter plan that’s in line with the rest of the market to give you a chance to try it out before making your decision. Sync offers cloud storage solutions to both individual users and businesses. Businesses just needing simple drag-and-drop backup might find it useful. In this Sync review, we will be taking a look at what Sync has to offer and whether or not they are a truly competitive Dropbox alternative as they claim to be.

Sync – General Info

Sync is super easy to use. The PC app does not have a GUI and instead creates its own folder on your hard drive, much like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. There is a web app available, however, that allows those looking for a more visually engaging experience to get what they want. There are also full-featured iOS and Android apps for file access and upload on the go.

Pro users also get access to features like file expiry, permissions, download limits, and remote wipe.

Plans & Pricing

Sync offers a free plan to get you started, but those who use the app often will likely benefit from a pro plan, which is offered in tiers of increasing storage size for both personal and commercial users. We will be taking a closer look at their pricing plans in this Sync review.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Starter Free 5 GB Desktop, mobile, and web apps; sharing and collaboration tools; automatic backup and restore
Personal $8/mo 500 GB or 2 TB Everything in the free plan plus advanced support; auditing, unlimited file version histories; no file size limits; remote wipe; file expiration dates; password-protected sharing
Business $5/user/mo, billed for minimum of 2 users 1 or 2 TB Same as the personal plans but licensed for commercial use

Sync In-Depth Review

In this section of the Sync review, we’ll go over the features of this service in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing a cloud storage solution that fits your needs.

File Backup

Sync uses the Dropbox-style of drag and drop syncing offered via a synced folder on your computer or through a web or mobile app. They have apps available for iOS and Android, and their desktop app has Mac and Windows versions. Their web app could also be used with Linux. Everything works automatically, and if you run the app on more than one PC, you can automatically build the synced folder on the new PC.

File Restoration

File restoration works either through manually downloading the individual files you want or simply by installing and logging into the desktop app on a new computer. The folder will automatically populate itself with the files stored in the cloud.


Sync bills itself as a more secure version of Dropbox, so one would rightly expect it to deliver. Luckily, it does. Sync uses zero-knowledge security, meaning that the host has absolutely no access to your data or metadata whatsoever. That means you can ensure there will be no prying eyes on your sensitive information. The downside of the heavy encryption is that file previews cannot be offered until the data is actually decrypted, and that can take a while.

For the tech-savvy, Sync offers 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, and SSL/TLS encryption. There is also two-factor authentication for logging in. For those concerned with NSA spying, Sync has no US-based servers, and so they are not subject to the Patriot Act.

Advanced/Other Features

As you’ve seen up until now in this Sync review, they do not offer much in the way of extra features. Their main selling points are their ease of use and their security.

Some nice bonuses are unlimited file versioning, selective syncing, deleted file recovery, secure file sharing, mobile apps, and no file size limits for paying users.

Sync Pros & Cons

Sync is a good service for those looking for drag-and-drop file storage and easy file sharing. But they definitely have their share of negatives as well, and for that, some users may find it useful to look for an alternative app. Here’s the rundown.


  • Very easy to use
  • Extremely secure zero-knowledge encryption
  • Secure file sharing
  • Collaboration tools


  • No system mirroring options
  • Decryption can be slow
  • Slow-loading file previews (because of encryption)
  • Business options don’t offer any extra features compared to the personal plans

Sync Alternative Options

Because Sync tries to be a Dropbox alternative, naturally we should compare it with this ever-popular cloud storage service. Much like Sync, Dropbox is easy to use. Sharing files with Dropbox is equally simple. However, Dropbox also suffers from a lack of advanced features, at least when it comes to the home-use plan. Small storage sizes are also a downside when using Dropbox when compared with pricing plans offered by other cloud service providers.

Google Drive is another popular cloud service, perhaps on par with Dropbox. One of its main advantages is that it works with Google Apps, naturally. It has great sharing tools and a massive 15GB free storage plan. On the other hand, it also lacks certain advanced cloud features, and it has no selective sync options like Sync does.

Microsoft OneDrive is another hot contender for the best cloud storage service prize. Obviously, it has automatic Windows integration, which can be a major plus for PC users. OneDrive also has a generous free storage plan and Windows users don’t need to sign up for it. On the other hand, it’s pretty bare-bones, even compared with Sync. And the premium storage plans are a bit expensive.

Our Verdict

Our Sync review took into account all the features of the company to conclude that it’s a great, secure alternative to solutions like Dropbox and OneDrive. The pricing and storage sizes offered are competitive with everything but Google Drive, whose free plan can’t really be matched. Those looking for full system backups or enterprise solutions will definitely need to look elsewhere for something more feature-rich. However, for the basic user that demands maximum security, Sync is an excellent choice with very little downside.

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