1. Introduction

The usage of this website is subject to the terms of service we set forth in these Terms of Use and on the Privacy Policy page on our website. Furthermore, upon using this site all visitors agree to comply with all the international, federal, or state laws, acts, statutes, ordinances, regulations, and rules. During the course of these terms, we may refer to “you” as the general user of this website, irrespective of location or any other personal details.

2. Terms for Users

First, every user choosing to register with our website agrees to provide us with his or her email address and their name or alias to be used for commenting rights. This information is subject to change at the user’s discretion. You will agree that the information provided can be used by us in the exact ways specified in our Privacy Policy.

Users are forbidden from gathering personal information about other users of this website from the website itself. Any and all users of the website must be over the age of majority in their respective place of residence (21 years in the US).

Users of this website are to strictly abide by all laws, regulations, acts, and amendments as applicable in their respective place of residence. You shall not abuse our website as it will lead to us losing our ISP.

Hacking CloudStorageAdvice.com is strictly forbidden – as are all activities that may disrupt, damage, or interfere in a detrimental way with our website, either covertly or overtly. As stated in our privacy policy, we take user data most seriously. Any user that chooses to tamper with our security in order to access user information will face justice according to the laws of his PPoR (principal place of residence). Damage to any hardware, software, or telecom equipment related to this website is also reprehensible.

By using CloudStorageAdvice.com, you agree that you are allowed to link to our website (either our home page or individual articles) from your own website, if and only if said website does not come in competition with our own, isn’t damaging our reputation through malicious, bad-intended criticism, and is not in any way injuring us. All links must comply with applicable laws of intellectual property and legal rights over written content.

If someone finds a link to CloudStorageAdvice.com on any other website, that does not readily mean an endorsement by us of that respective service or website. There may be cases of individual materials or content for which we choose to prohibit all types of links or quotations. Implying that a website is affiliated with us is strictly forbidden. You are responsible for all data that you obtain from CloudStorageAdvice.com, which you take at your own risk and discretion. Any damage to your computer as a result of this download is also under your full responsibility.

You are forbidden to collect, copy, reproduce, distribute, alter, publish, create other articles based on, sell, display publicly, or exploit in any way any and all information, content, or statistic on this website for commercial purposes or purposes in your interest. Any actions that constitute copyright infringement under current laws are strictly forbidden, along with any action that may injure, violate, or infringe upon our intellectual property, the Website’s content, or a third party’s intellectual property. Content from this website may be accorded upon request for personal use, academic use, or any other sort of non-commercial use. This sort of agreement does not grant you usage rights, nor does it allow you to publish our content on web pages which you will subsequently monetize.

Users of this website are furthermore prohibited from harassing users or authors, publishing obscene, pornographic, or offensive content on the website. This applies to any space on this website: the comments section or otherwise.

Furthermore, you are to agree to notify the CloudStorageAdvice.com staff for any improper use of our website or any other type of breach of security. You are also to fully cooperate with our support team if such an event takes place, allowing us to conduct a full investigation of the events in question by providing full details. Not doing so constitutes a breach of the Terms of Use.

Users are strictly prohibited from making their own promotions relating to our website and they may not promote, market, or advertise their services on account of Cloud Storage Advice, not even through the use of our trademarks.

3. Our Rights

We hold the rights to remove content, portions of content, or any other element of our website at any time, temporarily, permanently, for any reason, and without notice. We are not responsible, to you or to any of the third parties involved, upon modification of the content present here, including suspension or termination of the website. We are not liable to you or to any third party for the deletion of content that you provide.

Cloud Storage Advice holds no responsibility for the comments that you post. We do not always verify comments, therefore, we cannot encourage, agree, endorse, or pretend to support any comments that have been submitted by our users. Comments, statements, opinions, or links posted by users are those users’ sole responsibility and cannot be held against CloudStorageAdvice.com.

As we greatly value privacy, we are required to treat any and all submissions to CloudStorageAdvice.com as confidential and we will not provide details about the person to anyone. We are subsequently not required to provide consideration and compensation, and are not liable for derivative works or materials, adaptation, display, reproduction, or any publication, licensing or other use or commercial exploitation, of any ideas or other content submissions, disclosure, translation, distribution, recompilation, compilation, modification, any copying, sale, collection of any ideas or other content submissions, or any tangible (or intangible) subjects that are either similar to, or use any submission either fully or just a fragment.

We are allowed to refuse, suspend, or even terminate a user’s access to this website at any time and for any reason we deem necessary. We can also from time to time change or re-establish the general limits, practices, terms of use regarding this website.

As the administrators of CloudStorageAdvice.com, we also reserve the right to send communications to its users, make service announcements, schedule newsletters, or inform them of anything we may consider helpful or however relevant to our area of expertise.

4. Third-Party Websites

From time to time, we will feature external links on our articles. This links will redirect users to other websites or resources. However, we would never imply any sort of partnership, business deal, relationship, or connection with this website, with the persons who run it, or with any of its own partners or affiliates. We have no control over the content of these pages and as such we are not responsible for their availability or loss of availability, just as we are not to be held liable for content that they post, advertising, products, or any other materials available from these websites or resources.

Furthermore, CloudStorageAdvice.com and its proprietors are not responsible nor are they liable for the damage or loss that is caused or would be caused by the users’ decision to rely on such content, services, or goods present on or provided from these website and external resources, or because these pages cease to be available, which includes market partners which feature their property on our website or that can be accessed through the use of CloudStorageAdvice.com.

5. Limitation of Liability

We present our website on an “as is” and “as available” principle. We ourselves check our sources, but you may not rely on any of our sources on CloudStorageAdvice.com for any purpose. The responsibility to assess the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or timeliness of the content on CloudStorageAdvice.com falls completely on the user. The fact that you rely on our website content is your responsibility alone and we may not be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of it.

We expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions, no matter if they are express, statutory, or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and all others. We cannot warrant the full functioning of our website, its security, its reliability, its timeliness, or performance. Any and all services or goods accessed through the filter of this website are the producer’s sole responsibility and we disclaim them and their warranties. No information from us to you can be held as a warrant. OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS LIMITED TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY THE LAW.

6. Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

Users accessing this website understand that CloudStorageAdvice.com and all the content that can be found inside, derivative works, proprietary or confidential info, are all protected by copyrights, service marks, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, proprietary rights, as well as other intellectual properties that we, our affiliates or other parties hold on CloudStorageAdvice.com. We thus prohibit any and all mentioning of CloudStorageAdvice.com, our content, its creators, and our users, except for the points in which it is permitted by this list of Terms of Service and the laws that govern intellectual property. According to the Terms of Service, you are allowed to use our content for personal purposes, and that agreement does not bestow any rights to the content on the website. Those rights which are not granted through this agreement are reserved.

Cloud Storage Advice respects others’ intellectual property and our users should do the same. We may prohibit material that infringes the rights of others from time to time. If you think that your rights have been violated and your intellectual property made its way here, give us a message at info@cloudstorageadvice.com. All claims of copyright infringement will be promptly responded to.

7. Updates

We may change this agreement at any moment of time in the future, as this may be required by the applicable laws. The latest version of our Terms of Use will be posted here. All updated versions supersede the preceding ones. If you continue to use CloudStorageAdvice.com, it means that you have agreed to these terms.

If you would like to know more about how your personal information is being protected here at Cloud Storage Advice, please go to our Privacy Policy page. For any questions, use our Contact page, or write us at info@cloudstorageadvice.com.