Touro Cloud Backup Review

Touro Cloud Backup is a cloud storage-based, backup and restoring tool from HGST. The developer, formerly a big player on the internal hard drives marketing, has pooled its resources to bring its customers a quick solution to their cloud needs.

As cloud service, Touro Cloud Backup is very easy to use, and creating an account takes no more than 5 minutes. If you’re, by chance, searching for alternatives to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Carbonite, then you should definitely take a loot at what Touro has to offer.

Touro Cloud Backup – General Info

Like any other cloud-based service, Touro allows users to perform the following actions:

  • Backing up files and folders either on your local drives or to the cloud;
  • Restoring deleted documents, movies, or multimedia files;
  • Review versions of each file;
  • Sharing a folder with a contact in your list;
  • Managing your upload from any platform.

Compared to other cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, Touro lacks certain features like real-time collaboration tools and file syncing across affiliated mobile platforms.

Still, Touro Cloud Backup can be considered a decent cloud-based service if you’re looking to backup the files and folders located on your home computer. But it’s not recommended for SMEs and corporations since it lacks flexibility.

Plans and Pricing

Looking at the pricing plans Touro Cloud Backup has to offer, it becomes clear that this cloud storage service was designed for home use. There are basically two plans has to offer.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
Touro BasicFree3GBOnline Backup
File Versioning
Free iPhone app
File Sharing
Touro Upgrade$59 per year250GBAll the features of the basic account
Extra storage space

As you can see, Touro doesn’t offer much in the way of variety. However, the pricing is more than adequate. And as far as home use is concerned, sometimes it’s better to choose a cloud storage service that’s more straightforward.

Touro Cloud Backup In-Depth Review

The list of features Touro has to offer might not look very impressive, but in this next part of our Touro Cloud Backup review, we’ll be looking at how these features actually perform. A more stripped-down cloud storage service is often more reliable and user-friendly than a backup service with a lot of advanced features that don’t really do anything.

File Backup

To start backing up your files and folders, you’ll need to create a Touro account and download the desktop client. You can do that by heading on over to their official website, and selecting the “Download” section.

Working with the desktop client is as easy as it gets. After you’re finished downloading the app, the Touro Cloud will ask you about what backup method it should use. There are two ways to back up the folders on your computer:

  • Default option – which automatically detects and backs up all your documents, music, and videos located in My Documents;
  • Custom Plan: lets you choose what files and folders to backup. Hit “Next” to start the process.

Alternatively, Touro Cloud Backup will allow you to choose between backing up the folders on your local drive, cloud, or any mapped drives.

File Restoration

There are two ways to restore deleted files and folders:

  • Under “Dashboard”, select the “Restore” function. This will bring up another window which shows you the current files and folders stored in the cloud. Alternatively, you can check the “show deleted files and folders” box, to see the recently deleted item. After selecting your choice of files hit the “Restore” button and the manager will do the rest.
  • In the online manager, select the “show deleted files and folders” situated in the upper-right corner of the screen. You will see a list containing the most recently deleted items, as well as their versions. Selected the files, right-click on them and select the “download” option.

When using the restore function, the manager will automatically add them to a .zip or .rar archive and will start downloading it to your local drive. By default, Touro Cloud Backup keeps the last ten versions of each file you’ve uploaded either on the cloud or local drive.


Touro Cloud Backup provides basic encryption features. Files on the cloud can be accessed only by providing the correct username and password on login.

Advanced/Other Features

As mentioned, among its advanced features, Touro offers file versioning. It stores up to 10 different versions of a document. File versioning is part of the free cloud storage package.

Among other customization options, Touro has a schedule setting. The user can choose between automatic backup and backup daily. When the “automatic backup” feature is selected, Touro will start the backup process when the computer is idle. Subsequently, if you choose the “backup daily” option, you will able be able to set the hour. For example, you can instruct Touro to begin backing up your files after eightm., when you’re going out with your friends.

You can also adjust the speed of the backup process. In the same tab as the scheduling feature, move the slider to adjust the speed of your backup. If you switch it to the “SLOW” mode, the upload/download speeds will be limited. Alternatively, you can check the “Automatic” case to allow the manager to set the speed according to the situation.

More recently, Touro has introduced mobile apps for both Android and iPhones. These apps allow you to view and share the files on your cloud while you’re on the go. By all accounts, both the Touro mobile apps seem to work quite well.

Touro Cloud Backup – Pros and Cons


  • Easier than use compared to other Backup services like Backblaze or SpiderOak;
  • Decent pricing;
  • Free storage upon subscription;
  • Gorgeous mobile application;
  • File indexing makes searching for specific files a lot easier;
  • Advanced bandwidth throttling;
  • Easy restoration features;
  • Private and private sharing functions;
  • Let’s you choose what files to backup;
  • Let’s you schedule backups.


  • Slow upload speed;
  • Tech support page is confusing;
  • No file syncing options;
  • Limited cross-platform capabilities;
  • User can’t upload files larger than 5 GB;

Touro Cloud Backup Alternative Options

Touro is clearly competing in the market for free cloud storage services. And with 3GB of free storage space with no strings attached, it’s certainly very tempting. One of the first free cloud storage services that come to mind is Dropbox. However, Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage.

OneDrive may be a stronger competitor, as the Microsoft cloud storage service offers nearly twice as much free storage as Touro, with 5GB. In this respect, OneDrive definitely beats both Touro and Dropbox.

Both OneDrive and Dropbox may beat Touro when it comes to pricing plans options. Both services have more diversity and can be better suited for small businesses and home offices. Still, you can consider Touro a strong competitor when it comes to cloud storage for personal or home use.

Our Verdict

Overall, Touro Cloud Backup is sturdy and dependable cloud storage, backup and restoration service. From what we can tell, when designing their product, Western Digital put more emphasis on simplicity than advanced function.

Touro Cloud Backup is better suited for home computers than for SMEs or corporations since it lacks any advanced collaboration tools. Still, all in all, Touro offers good prices and excellent file management tools.

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