Tresorit Cloud Storage Service Review

There are a lot of cloud storage and backup solutions out there. Choosing the right one for you or your business can be a daunting task requiring a ton of research because of this. The aim of this Tresorit review is to take an in-depth look at one of these cloud storage services and assess it on its merits to help you make that important decision.

Tresorit – General Info

Tresorit is best likened to Dropbox. The functionality is quite similar to its file syncing and drag-and-drop functionality. So it may seem like that’s a solid reason to use Dropbox, but there are some key differences.

Tresorit is based in Switzerland and has specially patented encryption designed to keep your files safe. It’s also aimed more at businesses with sensitive files that need to be guarded against prying eyes. They are supposedly safe from NSA spying as well and have had their servers tested by more than 1000 hackers who were unable to breach their security. Basically, the service is more a Dropvault instead of a Dropbox.

Plans & Pricing

The first metric we’ll look at in this Tresorit review is pricing. We’ll then compare it to the competition later on.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
Premium$10.42/mo100 GBEnd-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge encryption, 5 devices, folder sync, 10 versions, 90-day activity history, 2-factor support
Solo$24/mo1000 GBZero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption, 10 devices, folder sync, unlimited versioning and activity history, 2-factor support, permissions, secure file sharing, Outlook integration
Business$12/user/mo1000 GB/userAbove plus security policies, team-level permissions, digital rights management,
HIPAA compliance, migration assistance, and phone support
EnterpriseCustom (designed for 100+ users)1000 GB/userAbove plus audit trail, on-premise deployment, admin API, and personalized training

From a value standpoint, comparing Tresorit to the most obvious comparison point (Dropbox) you find it is slightly more expensive than Dropbox. Looking at the Premium plan, you’ll pay about $2 more per month than the comparable Dropbox plan. But you get all that extra security, so it seems like great value.

Tresorit In-Depth Review

In this section of our Tresorit review, we’ll take a look at all of the features of Tresorit and assess them on their individual merits and compared to competitors.

File Backup

As with most of these cloud storage solutions, everything starts with the software. Tresorit’s desktop software has a sleek and professional look that one would expect from a service marketed at businesses and self-employed individuals. You create a Tresor (a sync folder) on your desktop using the software, and any file you put in there will be in sync with the cloud.

It integrates with File Explorer so you can simply drag and drop files into the folder as you would normally. Different from Dropbox, you don’t need to create a dedicated folder. Any folder on your PC can become a Tresor. You can even choose network and external drives. All of this is easy to do in the software with a few clicks.

File Restoration

File restoration and access are simple as well. You can access your files from the web, a mobile app, or the desktop app. Accessing is as simple as opening a folder on your PC. You can also use a search feature if you know the name of the file you want.

To restore files, you’d just simply need to drag out the folder onto your PC if the original was lost. Be careful about deleting files from the original hard folder though, as that will cause deletion in the cloud as well, much like Dropbox. But you can also recover your files from Tresorit’s apps if you accidentally delete them.


Tresorit’s security is its main selling point. Their base is in Switzerland, a country that is typically very data-friendly and non-prying. Zero-knowledge encryption puts you in control of your own encryption keys, which protects your data from the prying eyes of governments or anyone else that might intercept your data. This main key is a 256-bit key. There’s also a roaming key created by your master key that regularly changes server-side. This is how mobile apps are able to access your data.

2-factor authentication is the rule rather than the exception, and you’ll want it enabled to make sure you’re fully covered.

Advanced/Other Features

There are a lot of great features in Tresorit that other security-based services cannot offer. A lot of this is possible because of how their roaming key system works. This enables things like file sharing and collaboration without sacrificing security as Dropbox would.

All users get access to an activity history, so you can monitor what’s been going on in your synced folders. If there’s any suspicious activity, it’ll be easy to spot. Business users get additional phone support, team permissions, HIPAA compliance, and assistance with data migration off of a previous service. Enterprise users get customized options and other personalized features like a training course.

Tresorit – Pros & Cons

Next, we will summarize everything in this Tresorit review in these pros and cons lists.


  • Their security has no match.
  • Sharing and collaboration are still possible without sacrificing security.
  • Its usage will be familiar to anyone who’s used Dropbox or a similar app.


  • Deleted local files also remove files from the cloud.
  • All tiers (except maybe enterprise) have file size limits.
  • There are no free tiers.

Tresorit Alternative Options


Is often touted as one of the most secure cloud storage solutions, and for good reason. They are pretty much as secure as Tresorit, but their security comes with a price. Collaboration, file sharing, and similar are impossible because of how their encryption keys work.


Is great for those looking for a cheap, unlimited storage option. It’ll do you well if security isn’t of paramount importance for you. That’s not to say they aren’t secure, they just don’t take it to the next level.


Offers almost identical usage and even similar pricing plans. Their security is a bit laxer, but their plans are slightly cheaper as a result.

Our Verdict

Based on everything covered in this Tresorit review, if you’re looking for a great Dropbox-style cloud storage service with great security and are willing to pay a little more for great security, then Tresorit is an amazing option. It’s easy to use, it performs well, and its security is unmatched.

Those without files needing top-level security might save a few bucks elsewhere, but for the rest, you can’t go wrong here.

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