ZipCloud Storage Service Review

Choosing the right backup service for your needs can be difficult considering the vast amount of options out there. It can be difficult to sort through them all and judge if the features they provide are a good match. Some are also better for individuals, while others are a good fit for businesses. In this ZipCloud review, we’ll break down one of these cloud backup services for you so you can see if this service is a perfect fit for you or your business.

zipcloud review

ZipCloud – General Info

ZipCloud is a cloud backup system based on ease of use and automatic backups. Select the files and folders you want to backup and then schedule automatic backups to ensure your data is safe.

Now, one troubling thing about ZipCloud right from the start is that their website looks lifted from BackupGenie. They even forgot to remove the BackupGenie name from some of the content on their front page. That’s more than a little dubious. Keeping that in mind, let’s dive into the plans and features.

Plans & Pricing

The first thing to be analyzed in this ZipCloud review is the pricing. Even the pricing plans are exactly lifted from BackupGenie. If you compare the two sites, it’s plain to see.

All monthly prices are based on paying for 2 years up front. Paying monthly or yearly is more expensive.

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
Home/Pro $7.61/mo 75 GB Automatic backups, mobile access, 24/7 support
Premium $8.19/mo 250 GB Automatic backups, mobile access, 24/7 support
Ultimate $10.69/mo 1 TB Automatic backups, mobile access, 24/7 support

The price per GB is a bit higher than some competitors. Overall though it’s not terrible when compared to similar services. The features offered to make it worth the extra buck though are not really there with their focus on simplicity. There are unlimited plans that are cheaper and offer more features.

ZipCloud In-Depth Review

This ZipCloud review will now proceed to take a look at the features of this service in-depth to best provide you complete information with which to make a decision if ZipCloud is right for you or your business.

We’ll be judging this service on its ease of use in backing up and restoration, security, and extra and advanced features offered on top of that. We’ll also compare each of these metrics to the competition to see where ZipCloud stands compared to other similar services.

File Backup

File backup is simple enough with ZipCloud’s application. You just install it and choose the files you want to backup. Set a scheduled time to automatically sync your files to the server, and that’s it. Make sure your PC is on at the time you schedule the backup to start, and the software will handle the rest without any input.

Users of all experience levels shouldn’t have any issues using ZipCloud. The software is designed to be extremely simple to figure out, so any user should be able to get going pretty easily. You won’t need any IT pro to help you get this one up and running.

File Restoration

Restoration is just as simple as backing up. Using the desktop app, you can choose the files or folders you wish to restore and direct the program where to place them on your computer. That’s it really. The download speeds are decent enough on the server side, so it’ll probably be bottlenecked by your own internet connection.

You can access your files on the go using one of ZipCloud’s mobile apps or the web app they provide. This is just as easy as using the desktop application. This is one way they make accessing your files anywhere a reality, but to be fair almost every cloud storage provider offers this these days.


ZipCloud’s security meets industry standards, but it’s not really anything to write home about. According to their website, data is encrypted during transfer and storage with 256-bit encryption. There isn’t any more information they give than that, and it only takes up about a paragraph on their site, so it becomes clear that it’s not as major a focus as it is for other services.

Basically, if you have a high focus on security, there are better options that will list below, in the Alternatives section. But if it’s not a major focus for you and you don’t have extremely sensitive data, it should be more than sufficient.

Advanced/Other Features

One of the major downsides about this product is that most of the bonus features come with an additional subscription charge piled on. It’s really disappointing because a lot of competitors offer many of these features for free.

Some of the features offered include network and external drive support, additional licenses, increased speeds, priority support, file size cap increase, hourly backups, and a sync folder which works similarly to an app like Dropbox. They also offer a recycle bin for your files, which allows you to more easily retrieve deleted files.

File size caps go as high as 5 GB, so if you have files bigger than that this service might not be sufficient for you.

ZipCloud – Pros & Cons

Everything discussed in this ZipCloud review will now be summarized into the below pros and cons lists for your convenience.


  • This service is very easy to use.
  • The price is competitive with other similar storage size-restricted services.
  • They have mobile and web apps.


  • The service suspiciously seems to be a carbon copy of BackupGenie.
  • Features traditionally provided freely by other providers will cost you here.

ZipCloud Alternative Options

Backblaze is cheap, unlimited cloud backup starting at just $5/month. The price is cheap, and the price includes a lot of the premium features.

CrashPlan is another unlimited backup solution and is one of the juggernauts of the industry. Prices tend to be lower than ZipCloud and come with a lot of additional features included free of charge. You can also use it to manage local backups free of charge.

If you’re looking for an exact carbon copy, you might as well go with what appears to be original, meaning BackupGenie. Pricing and everything is exactly the same as in this review.

Our Verdict

Based on what’s discussed in this ZipCloud review, ZipCloud is a service that is dubious at best. The pricing, front page, and everything seem lifted directly from BackupGenie. Also, if you have a look at other ZipCloud reviews and user comments out there, you can find users complaining about lost files, corruption, and access problems. Take all of that plus the pricing, which is not the best either, and it’s pretty easy to give this one a pass.

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