Zoolz Cloud Storage Service Review

Zoolz offers lifetime storage for all your personal data at an almost unbelievably affordable price. The Zoolz lifetime storage means they never delete your data, even if you stop paying for a while. But with their cheap plans, that should never be a problem anyway. This Zoolz review aims to bring you more information about this great cloud storage option.

Zoolz offers home and business plans, so whatever your need, they probably cover it. Zoolz free plans are more than just a trial to their service. This free cloud storage is on par with what major cloud storage providers, such as Google, offer their free-tier members as well. Keep reading our Zoolz cloud storage review to learn more about their plans and pricing, backup and security, pros and cons, and alternative cloud storage options.

Zoolz – General Info

Zoolz offers lifetime cloud data backup for the personal user at a very affordable price point. The cheapest available plan is actually free, with 10 GB of storage, and the ability to link up to 2 devices.

Perhaps what sets Zoolz apart is their extra features, such as Document DiscoveryMedia Aware, or Complete Audit, to name just a few. These features really help move them to the league of say Google, whose cloud service is well-established, but notably more expensive. Features like video and music streaming from the cloud backup, and the ability to find photos through a simple search function really make Zoolz a convenient option for the home user. Of course, business plans are also available for those who need them.

Plans & Pricing

In this first pricing table of the Zoolz review, we list the basic information about the Zoolz home plans. You can find further details on their website, in the Home Plans section.

PlanPriceStorage AllotmentFeatures
Starter Plan$19.95 per month500GB hot storage; 100 GB cold storage10 users; 1 server; media streaming, mobile backup support;
Business PlanStarts at $7 per monthUp to 50TB hot storage; up to 50 TB cold storage500 users (free); 50 servers (free); OCR; dedicated account manager;
Media/Enterprise PlanContact them for quotasUnlimited hot and cold storage;Unlimited no. of users; unlimited servers; SD and HD media streaming; free remote system setup;

In most cases, you will have to contact Zoolz to find out the exact pricing of your plan, based on the features you select. Both the Business Plan and Enterprise Plan are highly customizable.

Zoolz In-Depth Review

In this section of our Zoolz review, we’ll take a look more in-depth at the service and address all of the upsides and downsides, so that you can make an informed choice when shopping around for a cloud storage solution that suits your individual needs. We’ll begin by talking about the cloud backups offered by Zoolz.

File Backup

All of Zoolz’s plans, including the free plan, offer unlimited cloud backup of all the data on your PC. These backups run automatically in the background and do not count against your storage allotment. There is backup scheduling and backup throttling available so that you can control when the backup process happens, and ensure that it doesn’t interfere with anything important you may be doing on your device at the time.

They also offer a hybrid backup solution in their premium plans, giving the user the option to back up their files to an external hard drive before uploading to the cloud. This hybrid solution gives you both a physical and cloud backup.

Zoolz backups are easy. You just select the folders you want to save in the Zoolz manager, and that’s it. Zoolz will take care of it automatically when you aren’t using your PC.

File Restoration

File restoration is one area where Zoolz falls a bit short of the competition. For photos, videos, and other files using your storage allotment, retrieval is instantaneous, and you can even stream videos directly from the cloud. That’s nice and all, but it falls a bit short in the backup recovery department.

Restoration opens a separate app where with just a few clicks you can easily restore all your files to their respective folders that were specified when you backed them up.

Retrieving your backup data takes a few hours before restoration will even begin. So it may not be the best solution for those who want to restore backups frequently, or don’t have a lot of time to spend waiting for the backup to process. Zoolz refers to this as retrieving your files from “cold storage,” a name that seems to fit the slow system quite nicely.

But this cold storage technique, which one can only assume uses a lot of compressions, allows them to offer such low prices, so it’s hard to be too mad at them for this. The price can’t be beaten.


No Zoolz cloud storage review would be complete without covering the security aspect. Zoolz uses Amazon Glacier for cold storage backups, and Amazon Server Side Encryption for that and everything else that’s uploaded. Before leaving your device, files are encrypted with 256-AES encryption and transferred over a secure SSL layer. The SSL option is not enabled by default, however, so be sure to enable that for maximum security.

Zoolz claims that employees will never have access to your files since files are decrypted on the device they are retrieved from. That means everything on Zoolz servers is secure and unreadable.

Advanced/Other Features

Zoolz has a mobile app, Zoolz Intelligent, and all plans allow file access and upload using a mobile device. Higher tiered plans offer the ability to link more mobile devices.

For photos, the service has an intelligent photo search feature, A.I. Photo Detection, so that you can find photos by searching for the objects in them. To find photos with a cup, you could just search the word “cup,” for example.

Zoolz Pros & Cons

Zoolz is a great cloud storage solution for the home user, but it definitely has its limitations. In this section of our Zoolz cloud storage review, you will find an overview of the service, based on the information gathered throughout this Zoolz review.

  • Very affordable prices;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Unlimited Glacier backups that don’t use your storage allotment;
  • Great mobile apps and video streaming;
  • Intelligent photo search;


  • Restoration is quite slow;
  • File download from the web app is also slow;

Zoolz Alternative Options

Carbonite is a premium cloud storage solution that was one of the first and is an industry leader. It’s easy to use, and it supports file versioning. The downside to using Carbonite is that it can be quite expensive. Carbonite, much like Zoolz, can run in the background, so it doesn’t take much of your computer’s resources.

Backblaze is a great alternative to Zoolz that is priced a bit higher but offers more security. It’s also quite user-friendly, and has a simple pricing scheme. It offers high-level encryption to ensure the safety of your data. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a lot of extra features. And much like Zoolz, it’s very slow on restores.

Our Verdict

As you’ve seen in our Zoolz review, they offer extremely affordable and user-friendly cloud backup solutions for home and business users. They will keep your files indefinitely and offer a lot of storage per dollar. Extra features for photos and videos make your life a lot easier, and really help them compete with the big boys in cloud storage. It’s certainly worth a shot for those who don’t restore files often. Thank you for reading our Zoolz cloud storage review! If you’ve already used this service, please leave your own Zoolz review in the comments below!

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