SOS Online Backup Service Review

SOS Online Backup is a great personal backup tool to keep your important files safe in the cloud. It is recommended by several high-profile websites and has a lot of features that make it really attractive for the home and small business users, such as enhanced security, privacy, and remote backup. These features do come at a cost compared to some competitors. So those on a really tight budget might find SOS Online Backup a bit too pricey. Still, before making a decision, we should take a closer look at what SOS Online Backup has to offer for this price. Our SOS Online Backup review will focus on the key features and pricing plans of this cloud backup service.

SOS Online Backup – General Info

Most cloud storage services promise to keep your data safe. In this respect, SOS Online Backup is no different. However, they take that a step further with their focus on security and privacy. Still, they somehow managed to keep their service user-friendly and easy to understand.

With SOS Online Backup, you can do remote wipe and backup and even throttle your bandwidth to prevent the upload using up all your precious internet.

Sign up is really easy, and you simply need an email address and password. Then, you can get started right away. They offer apps for iOS and Android, and you can even back up the files on those devices as well as access your cloud storage on the go.sos online backup review

Plans & Pricing

Pricing is made simple with this service, which is a nice breath of fresh air after looking at some other services with extremely nebulous plans. Here are the pricing tiers SOS Online Backup offers:

Plan Price Storage Allotment Features
For Home Starts at $4.99/month 50 GB – 10 TB 5 PCs, unlimited mobile devices, chat support
For Business Starts at $29.99/month 100 GB – 2 TB unlimited PCs and mobile devices, Exchange and SharePoint server support, mirroring, backup to multiple datacenters

SOS Online Backup In-Depth Review

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and services offered by this cloud backup service, so that you can make an informed choice that’s perfect for your individual needs.

File Backup

Backup could not be easier with SOS Online Backup. SOS is an all-in-one style cloud backup service, meaning they provide both the storage and the software. Their software is fully graphical and easy to use. After the initial backup process, you can set the process to occur automatically.

One significant downside of this solution is the lack of automatic file updating in the home version. If you want your files to update as changes are made, you have to individually turn that option on file by file. It’s not automatically enabled. That makes it hard to recommend this service to those looking for a true mirror of their system as opposed to just backing up some files in a sort of archive.

File Restoration

Restoration is as simple as using the software. There’s a recovery wizard to walk you through it, or you can browse for individual files and restore one by one. The original folder structure is maintained through a restore, and you can even set file size limits. These limits will not restore files larger than your set limit, saving drive space.


As we’ve mentioned earlier in our SOS Online Backup review, security is one of the major selling points of this cloud service. They take your privacy and security seriously. They use triple-layer 256-bit encryption to encrypt your files. SOS also allows you to choose your own encryption keys. But there’s even more than that.sos online backup review security

There are two optional advanced security features called UltraSafe and UltraSafe Max. These refuse SOS staff access to your encryption key, and the max version adds a password layer on top of the encryption key that’s never sent into the cloud. Instead, your local device uses it to perform the decryption. This level of security is hard to find elsewhere and may be enough to justify the high cost of the service if security is something you absolutely need.

Of course, with max security comes a downside. If you lose you password or encryption key, SOS staff have no access to either to help you out, so you’ll lose your files. If you go for these extra options, make sure you keep a record of those keys somewhere safe.

Advanced / Other Features

SOS offers lifetime storage, even if you stop paying. Where some services might delete your data after a month or so if you stop paying, SOS will not. They’ll hold on to your stuff for you until you start paying again.

They also offer the ability to backup external HDDs and NAS devices. This is a much-appreciated feature at this time when everyone has tons of storage all over the place. In addition, there are no file size limits or limits to the number of files.

As far as support goes, 7 day per week customer support access is provided as part of any package you buy. Business users get priority phone support as well.

However, one of the odd things about this service is that the business plans cap out at 2 TB, whereas personal accounts top out at 10 TB. Seems it should be the other way around.

SOS Online Backup – Pros & Cons

Now that we’ve seen how SOS Online Backup performs, we’ll offer a brief recap of our SOS Online Backup review so far.


  • Fast backups
  • Forever archives
  • Unmatched security features


  • No automatic file change detection

SOS Online Backup Alternative Options

As part of our SOS Online Backup review, we thougt it would be best if we took a look at some the alternative cloud storage service. In this way, you can get a better of understanding of whether SOS Online Backup is worth the investment.


Carbonite is one of the most well-known names in cloud backup. They provide newer security features that come close to SOS, and they also have the ability to stream your audio and video files direct from the cloud through their mobile app. For that, you’d have to sacrifice your NAS and external drives though. They aren’t supported.


CrashPlan is another big player. As we mentioned in our CrashPlan review, they make backup as simple as possible. Their interface looks nice. But what’s nicer is their unlimited storage plan. If 10 TB isn’t enough, or is too expensive at SOS, check out CrashPlan. The only downside here is that their mobile apps aren’t very sophisticated and there’s no file explorer integration in Windows.


SpiderOak is another service that boasts great security. They’re also priced a bit more reasonably than SOS. They have unlimited plans, but you’d have to sacrifice network drives. Again, they aren’t supported here. External drives are supported, though. You can read more about SpiderOak in our extended SpiderOak review.

Our Verdict

To conclude this SOS Online Backup review, we must say this service is a great choice for those home or small business users looking to truly lock down their files while still being able to access them fairly easily as needed. Mobile apps make backing up or accessing files remotely easy, and restoring files couldn’t be easier.

This service is definitely best for those concerned with privacy. The cost, however, is a bit prohibitive. It’s also strange that business plans are capped at the small size of 2 TB, especially when home users get 10 TB. If you’re on a tight budget, are looking for unlimited plans, or are an enterprise user, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. But everyone else would be extremely happy with what SOS has to offer.